We are flicking the switch on excuses and challenging you to be positive and motivated to SPRING into action and make moving more a part of your everyday! Lets all work together to support and encourage each other to find opportunities to move more every day!

Spring fun with the family!

Add activity to your action plan this spring!

Some of us love a good list or rely on scheduling meetings and reminders in our calendar. But do you include your walk or exercise in your action plan? Get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful spring weather by scheduling in regular walks with your dog, scootering along a pathway with the kids or exploring one of your local National Park walks! Spring into action today with these tips:

  • Go back to basics to get inspired and re-invigorated - start by reading through our Health and Lifestyle Articles!
  • Dust off the pedometer or strap on your activity tracker to see how active (or not) your days are so you can aim to increase your steps.
  • Sign up or login to your 10,000 Steps Dashboard to enter your daily steps and minutes of activity and watch your graphs grow.
  • Want to win a fitbit or pair of Asics shoes? Start a new monthly Challenge and complete your chosen task to go in the draw!

Walk more in your workplace or community!

10,000 Steps has a range of resources to assist workplaces and communities in promoting physical activity. Take the opportunity this spring to get involved and be active:

  • Promote health events such as Safe Work Month in October
  • Register your work team or group for Walk at Work Week from 15-19th October and encourage your mates to walk more at work. There are get tips such as walking meetings or park and stride!
  • Start a Heart Foundation Walking group or if you have one, what a better time to recruit some new walkers!
  • Brighten up your walls while also prompting people to make healthy choices by ordering some of our FREE promotional materials (available for Queensland 10,000 Steps Coordinators)
  • Join the fun on social media by sharing events and inspiring your friends and followers to move more - 10,000 Steps is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #everystepcounts #walkatwork #howcreativecanyoube?

Signup or login as a 10,000 Steps Coordinator to access more information in the Resources section.

SPRING into action!