Physical activity is good for you and good for your dog. Think of walking your dog as an opportunity for you both to be physically active. It will improve your dog's health as well as your own!


Have you walked your dog today?

While 40% of Australian households own a dog, less than two-thirds of dog owners actually take their dog for a walk. These statistics are pretty low considering the health benefits to canines. In the same way that regular walks will improve you're health and save on health care costs, regular walks will also improve your dog's health and save on vet bills.

A walked dog is happier, healthier, less prone to barking, more sociable and overall, a better family member.

Be responsible.

Be a responsible owner when you walk your dog:

  • Use a leash (unless in an off-leash area)
  • Ensure your dog is registered and microchipped
  • Keep up to date with vaccinations
  • Walk in the coolest part of the day
  • Bring water for you and your dog
  • Don't forget to scoop the poop

Dog off-leash areas.

If you don't have acres or land to walk your dog on, consider contacting your local council to find out the location of your closest off-leash area. Off-leash areas are great to let your dog freely exercise, play and socialise with other dogs.

Dogs love to go for a walk, so get out, enjoy their company and let them be the reason to add more steps to your day!

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