Enable integration with Health Connect on the 10,000 Steps Android mobile app to sync your steps directly from compatible trackers.

1. Sign up or log in to your account.

Use your email address and password set on registration to log into your account.

Step 1_ Homescreen Start

2. Navigate to the menu in the top right corner.

Open the drop-down menu and select Tracker Connections.

2. Drop Down

3. Select Connect with Health Connect.

Health Connect > Tracker Details > "Connect Health".

Step 3_ Connect Pop-Up

4. Confirm the connection with Health Connect.

Select the Connect button to confirm the connection between the 10,000 Steps app and Health Connect to access your step data.

Step 4_Click to Connect

5. Allow 10,000 Steps to Access Health Connect

Select Allow All.

Step 6_Enable Access to Health Connect (2)

6. Navigate back to Dashboard.

Go back to your Dashboard and swipe down to trigger the sync with Health Connect.

Step 7_Homescreen

Steps will be imported from the day of connection manually be swiping down and can be synced retrospectively by navigating to previous days and swiping down. It may take a few moments for your steps to sync.

If you experience any issues using the app, please see our Mobile App Troubleshooting page for known issues and troubleshooting tips.