Participants who do not have regular internet or computer access can be added to Tournaments as Virtual Members and their Team Captain can log the participants steps for them throughout the Tournament. Both the Coordinator and the Team Captain have the ability to add Virtual Members to a team, however the participants name date of birth and location must be known and entered upon set up. 

The participant will need to provide the Team Captain with their steps or time spent doing moderate or vigorous activity regularly. It does require extra time on the Team Captain's behalf to add steps for Virtual Members, especially if there are more than one within the team. Click here for more information on Logging Steps for Virtual Members.

1. Navigate to the Tournament.

This step will vary depending if the Tournament is being set up as a new Tournament where the Coordinator will click on the "Create a Tournament" Dashboard card then access the Tournament in the Coordinator Details section of their account. For Team Captains, if they have already been allocated to the team, they will be able to access the Tournament by clicking the "View Tournaments" Dashboard card if the Tournament has not yet started, or it will be accessible on the Dashboard if the Tournament has already started. 

2. Click an Existing Team Name or Create a New Team.

If you are creating a new team, you will need to enter the name of the team and the email address of the Team Captain. The Team Captain must always be an online member to enable them to enter steps for the Virtual Members. 

Step 2

3. Select Add Virtual Team Member

Step 3

4. Add the Virtual Member Details

Please ensure these details are correct. Once the details are saved then an "add steps" link will be visible next to the team members name. 

Step 4