1. Select a sign up prompt on the Welcome page and enter your details.

To gain the extra features and resources to start a group Tournament, you must register as a Coordinator with the 10,000 Steps website through your personal account. Remember to note down your password when creating your account as you will need it to login for the first time.

Step 1 Image

2. Continue to enter your details and select your preferences. 

Step 2 Image

3. Select that you would like to register as a Coordinator. 

Step 3 Image

4. Enter your Organisation details.

Step 4 Image

5. Verify your email address.

Once the verification email has been sent, sign in to your email account and click on the link to verify. This link will take you back to the 10,000 Steps website where you can confirm your address. 

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6. Your Coordinator registration will be processed.

Step 6 Images

7. You can view and update your Coordinator details at any time in your "Account Details".

You can also add additional Coordinators and access your Tournaments from this page.

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