The Health Challenge is a great opportunity to become more active, lose weight and waist girth and participate in a fun initiative with colleagues, community members or friends.

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Step 1 of Joining a Health Challenge

2. Navigate to your Health Measures Dashboard Card.

Select "Add Health Measures".
Step 2 of Joining a Health Challenge

3. Enter your health information to get started.

Enter in your height, current weight, weight goal, current waist measurement and waist measurement goal.
Step 3

4. Choose which Health Challenge you would like to join.

Select if you would like to join the CQ Hospital and Health Service, Mackay Hospital and Health Service or Other (for regions outside of the Central Queensland and Mackay Health Services).

Step 4

5. Select Submit.

Step 5

6. View your weight and waist measurements.

Now you can view your weight and waist measurements, add new entries (7/8), and use the Weight and Waist tabs (9) to view your progress.

Step 6

7. View the Challenge Leaderboard.

Scroll down on the Health Measures page and select the View the Leaderboard link to keep up with the latest Challenge progress.
Step 7