10,000 Steps only uses Fitbit steps.

The 10,000 Steps website connects with the information you have synced with your Fitbit account, rather than syncing to your device or your Fitbit application. Only steps walked while wearing a Fitbit will be synced with your 10,000 Steps account after it has been set up. Moderate and vigorous activity can be entered manually on the 10,000 Steps website. 

Your Fitbit steps need to be synced to your Fitbit account first.

10,000 syncs to your Fitbit account, not to the device or app. For your steps to be transferred to the 10,000 Steps website, the device first needs to be synced to your account on the app or computer for those steps to be stored and synced to 10,000 Steps.

Only one Fitbit account can be linked to one 10,000 Steps account.

Even if you disconnect a Fitbit from a 10,000 Steps account, Fitbit may be keeping you logged in. You will also need to log out of your Fitbit account before you can connect a Fitbit to another 10,000 Steps account. 

Fitbit won’t sync on login if you are always logged in.

If your browser remembers your login details on the computer you are using, Fitbit will not automatically sync the last 7 days upon login. You will either need to keep logging in and out of 10,000 Steps website in your browser or sync Fitbit manually.

Syncing with Fitbit will override lower manual step entries.

Syncing with Fitbit will override your Step Log entries that are lower than your Fitbit step count for that day. You can always update these manually.

If you disconnect your Fitbit from your 10,000 Steps account, your steps will be saved.

Any steps synced from Fitbit to 10,000 Steps will remain in your account even if you disconnect your Fitbit. 

Further Assistance.

As this is a third party application, we have a limited ability to troubleshoot Fitbit issues. If you experience issues with syncing your Fitbit to your 10,000 Steps account please ensure that you have followed the steps shown here correctly and that your device has been synced with your app recently. Please email us with a detailed description of the issues you are experiencing and include screenshots if possible. 

If you have any questions relating to setting up your own Fitbit, please contact Fitbit Help.