Please follow the steps below to connect your Fitbit account with 10,000 Steps. The 10,000 Steps website connects with your Fitbit account, rather than the device or Fitbit application. Once connected, clicking the sync icon in the Dashboard and Step Log, the steps tracked via Fitbit will be transferred to 10,000 Steps. Please ensure that your most recent steps tracked on your Fitbit have been synced with your Fitbit account. Because Fitbit is a third party application we have limited ability to troubleshoot Fitbit issues.

Only one type of activity tracker can be connected to your 10,000 Steps account at a given time, if you have previously connected with Garmin and would like to connect with Fitbit, your Garmin will need to be disconnected first. Instructions on how to Disconnect from Garmin are available here.

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Connecting with Fitbit 1

2. Navigate to your Tracker Details.

Step 2 Image

3. Select Connect to Fitbit.

Step 3 Image

4. Login to your Fitbit account and allow permission.

If you have an existing Fitbit account, please enter your login details.

If you do not already have a Fitbit account, please sign up and ensure your device is set up before you accumulate steps and sync with the 10,000 Steps website. 

Step 4 Image

5. Sync with your Fitbit account on the Dashboard.

Once you have linked your 10,000 Steps account with your Fitbit account, 10,000 Steps will sync the last 7 days of your Fitbit data automatically on login as long as you have steps recorded with Fitbit.

If you are using the "Remember Me" function in your browser, you will always be logged in and your Fitbit will not sync automatically. You will need to manually select the sync icon or alternatively log in and out of your 10,000 Steps account.

You can sync manually for the last 7 days in the Dashboard and for a month at a time in the Step Log by clicking on the sync icon in the black banner.

Step 5 Image

6. Sync with your Fitbit account in the Step Log.

To sync with your Fitbit account in the Step Log, click on the sync icon in the black banner. This will sync data for the month that you are currently viewing. You can change the month and sync for previous months by selecting the arrow next to the month in the top left corner. Please note, you must have Fitbit data available for that time period for it to be visible in your 10,000 Steps account.

The Fitbit sync will override Step Log entries that are less than the Fitbit step count for that day. 

Step 6 Image

Fitbit Help.

As this is a third party application, we have a limited ability to troubleshoot Fitbit issues. If you experience issues with syncing your Fitbit to your 10,000 Steps account please ensure that you have followed these steps correctly and that your device has been synced with your app recently. Please email us with a detailed description of the issues you are experiencing and include screenshots if possible. If you have any questions relating to setting up your own Fitbit, please contact Fitbit Help.