Each 10,000 Steps member is registered as an individual with their own 10,000 Steps account where steps and activity can be logged. If you participating in a Tournament, your Coordinator will need to add you as a Team Captain or as a participant in your team. This change is unable to be made in your own account.

If you are planning on participating in a Tournament, please notify your Coordinator of the email address which you used to register with the 10,000 Steps website so they can add you to your team. If you are participating within an workplace group, we reccomend using your organisational email address. Once you have been added to your team, you will receive an email notification and you will be able to view the Tournament on your Dashboard. Each team member can see their team progress, Tournnament details and accumulated steps logged by each of their team mates.

The registration process functions in this way as the 10,000 Steps website has over 300,000 users with many organisations registered. Many organisations are under the same and similar names in both similar and different locations. The Coordinator adding members using a unique email address reduces the risk of human error during the registration process and also maintains privacy and confidentiality for all users of the website.

Accessing an upcoming Tournament

Once you are added to a Tournament, you will receive an email notification. If the Tournament is starting soon, it will be in the Upcoming Tournament section of the View Tournaments Dashboard card.

Accessing upcoming tournament

Accessing a current Tournament

Once the Tournament has started, you will have a specific Dashboard card for that Tournament. You can see a snapshot of your team information, the top teams and can click on "View Tournament" for more information.

Accessing current tournament