1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Step 1

2. Navigate to your Tournament Dashboard card and select "View Tournament".

Step 2

3. Select the "Download Statistics" link.

Tournament Download Statistics

4. Your Tournament Statistics will now start to download.

Viewing the download will vary depending on your browser, click on the download and the Excel document will open. The information displayed will vary depending on how many teams and steps have been logged at the time of download.

The information in the Tournament Statistics Spreadsheet is current at the time of the download and will continue to update as steps are added by the team members.

The Tournament Statistics Spreadsheet is being updated and will display:

  • date and time of download
  • Tournament name
  • Tournament start date
  • summary of the statistics
  • the names of all participants and teams
  • steps logged by each individual and team by week
  • total steps logged by each individual
  • overall average of steps logged by each team and individual.

10,000 Steps encourages Coordinators to award participation prizes to reward engagement in the initiative. 

Step 4