Once the Coordinator has appointed a Team Captain, the Team Captain can then add their fellow team members. This support topic is for Tournaments that have been planned for the future and have not yet started. Once the Tournament is current, it can be accessed on the Dashboard.

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard of www.10000steps.org.au to view the Tournament card.

2. Navigate to the View Tournaments Dashboard card or your Coordinator Details

Click on "View Tournaments" on the Tournament Dashboard card if your Tournament is current.

If you are a Team Captain or a Coordinator who is a Team Captain/participant you will be able to access the team here. If you are a Coordinator and not a participant in the Upcoming Tournament, you can only access the Tournament in the Coordinator Details section of your profile https://www.10000steps.org.au/organisation/.

3. Click on your Upcoming Tournament

Select "View Tournament"

4. Click on the team name that you would like to edit

If you are the Team Captain, your team is highlighted in blue.

5. Select "Add team member"

6. Enter the team member details

7. That member will now be added to your team

Continue this process to add more members to your team.