Once the Coordinator has appointed a Team Captain, the Team Captain has access to edit their own team and add their team mates. The Team Captain must have access to the email addresses of the team participants if they are expected to add their fellow participants.

This support topic applies to Tournaments that have not yet started. Once the Tournament is current, it can be accessed from the Dashboard by those who have been added to it. 

If the Coordinator is not a participant within the Tournament, they can only access it from the Tournaments section of their account: https://www.10000steps.org.au/tournament/tournaments/. Coordinators have the ability to edit all teams within the Tournament.

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Step 1

2. Navigate to the View Tournaments Dashboard card.

Step 2

3. Click on the appropriate Upcoming Tournament.

Select "View Tournament"

Step 3

4. Click on the team name that you would like to edit.

If you are the Team Captain, your team will be highlighted in blue.

Step 4

5. Select "Add team member".

There is a maximum of 20 members per team and a maximum of 50 teams can be created within one Tournament. You can create numerous new Time Out or Race Tournaments starting on the same date if you want to include more than the maximum of 1000 participants in the one Tournaments. If multiple of the same Tournaments are created the results, although not all accessible on the same page, will be comparable.

Step 5

6. Enter the team member details.

The team member must be registered with the 10,000 Steps website before you are able to add them to your team. If you receive an error and are unable to add a participant to your team, it may mean:

  • that person is not registered with 10,000 Steps

  • that person might be registered with personal email addresses instead of organisational addresses

  • that person may have registered with an address that contains a spelling mistake

  • your entry of the email address may contain a spelling mistake.

Step 6

7. The team member will now be included in the team.

Continue this process to add more members to your team.

Please note: each participant within the teams has the ability to remove themselves if they are added by error.

Step 7