1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

2. Select "Create Tournament" on the Tournament Dashboard card.

3. Select "Create a Race Tournament".

4. Select "View Race Tournament" on the Tournament card that you would like to start.

5. Select "Create Tournament".

Ensure that the estimated duration of the Tournament information is suitable.

6. Set your Tournament start date.

The start date is when steps will be recorded from. The RaceTournament will end when the goal of the journey has been reached.

7. Start to add your teams.

8. Enter the team details.

You will now be able to enter the team name, Team Captain’s email address and select a unique team colour.

All Team Captains and participants must be registered with the 10,000 Steps websites before they can be added to the teams.

9. Add the team members.

Once the team has been created, you can and add members by selecting the team name in the leaderboard.

10. Select "Add team member".

11. Enter the participants email address.

12. Save.

13.  If needed, you can add a virtual team member.

This feature is designed for users who do not have regular internet access or are not able to log their own steps. The Team Captain will be responsible for logging the steps for this offline member.

14. Enter the virtual member details and save.