1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Step 1

2. Navigate to the Tournament.

If you are a Coordinator and not participating within the Tournament, you can only access the Tournament here: https://www.10000steps.org.au/organisation/.

If you are a Coordinator or Team Captain who is participating in the Tournament you can access it in the View Tournament Dashboard Card under Upcoming if it has not yet started, or alternatively if the Tournament is current you will be able to access it through the Dashboard card by selecting "View Tournament".

Step 2

3. To amend team details, select the team name.

Step 3

4. You can now edit your team.

5. Update the team name by typing in the new name and saving.

6. Change the team colour by clicking in the Team Colour field, choose a colour from the palette that appears and save.

7. Appoint a new Team Captain by clicking "Set as Captain" under the name of the participant that you would like to appoint. Virtual members cannot be Team Captains as online access is required.

8. Remove a member by selecting remove under their name.

9. Delete the team, this cannot be undone.

10. Add a new member.

11. Add a virtual member. For more information, please see specific Support topic.

Step 4