You can follow these instructions after step five if you are rolling previous teams into an existing Tournament. If you are a Coordinator, you can access your Tournaments in the Coordinator Details section.

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Step 1

2. Go to the Create a Tournament Dashboard card.

Select "Create Tournament".

Step 2

3. Select the type of Tournament that you would like to start.

Please note we have chosen a Time Out Tournament for this example, the following pages will vary if you choose a Race Tournament.

Step 3

4. Set your Tournament dates.

Select "Submit".

Step 4

5. Choose to add an existing team.

Step 5

6. Select the existing team from the drop down list.

Enter the new team name and select "Save". There is a maximum of 20 members per team and a maximum of 50 teams can be created within one Tournament. You can create numerous new Time Out or Race Tournaments starting on the same date if you want to include more than the maximum of 1000 participants in the one Tournaments. If multiple of the same Tournaments are created the results, although not all accessible on the same page, will be comparable.

Step 6

7. Edit the team details.

Click on the team name link to edit the team details.

Step 7

8. Edit the team members if needed.

Step 8