This is relevant to Tournaments that are currently in progress or have been recently completed. If you are a Coordinator and not participating in the Tournament, you will be able to access the Tournament in the Coordinator Details section of your account

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Step 1

2. Navigate to your Tournament. 

If you are a participant or Team Captain, the Tournament will be available on the Dashboard where you can select "View Tournament" for more information. If the Tournament has been completed, it will be archived in your Past Tournaments section of the View Tournaments Dashboard card.

Step 2

3. View your Tournament goal, distance and start date. 

Step 3

4. View team progress including the progress cards, progress bar, number of steps logged and percentage completed.

Step 4

5. View the Leaderboard ranking of the teams. 

Step 5

6. View the members within the teams and the steps they have completed.

The Coordinator will be able to see all team members and their steps. Team Captains and participants will only be able to view their own team information.

Step 6