The latest version (4.8.4 onwards) of the 10,000 Steps iOS mobile app has the ability to integrate with Apple Health. We always recommend checking the steps for accuracy as some discrepancies can occur as the steps are transferred through from 3rd party sources.

The 10,000 Steps website also has the ability to sync steps through a connection with Fitbit, Garmin and Google Fit accounts on the website through Tracker Connections.

For all other activity trackers, steps can be recorded on the step tracking devices, but will need to be be entered manually via the 10,000 Steps mobile app for iOS or Android , or on the 10,000 Steps website via the Dashboard or Step Log.

Support Topics

For further information on connecting with other devices please see the following articles:

Apple Health (app only)



Google Fit

Manual Step Entry via Dashboard or Step Log

Recording Non-Step Activities (eg. swimming)

As these integrations are third-party, we have limited ability to replicate and troubleshoot issues. We encourage you to read the support topics relevant to your device, disconnect and reconnect, Contact Us or revert back to manual entry if ongoing issues occur.