The Billion Steps Challenge is a Boost your Healthy initiative for all Queenslanders to step together and stay active and healthy during COVID-19.

Once you are signed up as a 10,000 Steps member, login to enter your daily steps (and/or minutes of activity) and your totals will automatically contribute to the Queensland tally. You can also link your Fitbit or Garmin to have your steps from your device automatically sync to your account.

New 10,000 Steps Members

1. You will need a 10,000 Steps account to be able to log your steps – Sign Up now
2. Enter your details to create your own account, we encourage you to use an organisational email address if you are part of a workplace group. Please note down your password as you will need it to login. 
3. Select that you would like to register as a participant
4. You will be asked to verify your email address by checking your emails and clicking on the link provided. 
5. Complete the last required details needed to create your account, ensuring that your state is listed as QLD so that your step count will contribute automatically to The Billion Steps Challenge. 
6. Your account will now be created and you can access your Dashboard
7. On your Dashboard, log your steps and minutes of activity. Click on The Billion Steps Challenge card to link through to view Queensland’s progress toward our goal of one billion steps! 

Existing 10,000 Steps Members

If you are already a Queensland member of the 10,000 Steps website, you can view the Challenge by doing the following: 

1. Login with your email address or username and password (Forgotten password?). 
2. Check your State is set to Queensland - go to your Account Details and look at your Location. If it is not correct, click Edit Account Details, update your State and click Save.
3. On your Dashboardlog your steps and minutes of activity. Click on The Billion Steps Challenge card to link through to view Queensland's progress toward our goal of one billion steps. 

Boost Your Healthy

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