The Health Challenge is a great strategy to encourage participants to be more active, lose weight and waist girth and participate in a fun initiative with colleagues, community members or friends.

The Health Challenge is a strategy for large organisations or communities who want to encourage members to increase their physical activity, lose weight and/or lose waist girth.

It was originally developed as a Health Challenge between two Hospital and Health Services looking to encourage healthy lifestyles in their community. However, it can be adapted to be used between other Health Services, communities or large organisations looking to do a healthy lifestyles intervention.

For more information on how it was originally implemented view the 2018 Health Challenge Case Study.

You can also view the original Health Challenge page which includes the branding, Challenge leaderboard, and Challenge information. This page can be tailored to your organisation or community.

For more information about conducting a Health Challenge, please contact the 10,000 Steps project office.