Who are we?

Queensland Health provides CQUniversity with the funding to run the 10,000 Steps program. The program is facilitated by CQUniversity’s Physical Activity Research Group, a team of health professionals, academics and graduates, who coordinate the dissemination of 10,000 Steps, assisting individuals, workplaces and communities around Queensland and beyond to be more active.

2020 staff photo

Our small but dedicated team are Corneel, Anetta, Nina, Cindy (who is enjoying some leave) and Bec. 

What we aim to do...

The 10,000 Steps project aims to increase the day-to-day activity of Australians by encouraging the use of step-counting pedometers or activity trackers to accumulate "incidental" physical activity as part of everyday living. Significant health and well-being benefits can be made simply by moving more every day and 10,000 Steps can provide a supporting program, free resources and information.

Make every step count and register with 10,000 Steps to walk your way to better health!

While the awareness of the benefits of physical activity continue to expand, 10,000 Steps online program supports individuals by encouraging goal-setting, recording and monitoring of steps and physical activity, also with some gamification through monthly Challenges and achievement of milestone badges. In 2016, the 10,000 Steps program resources were re-branded to a fresh new look. The website was redesigned and now allows syncing with Fitbit and the mobile application which complements the website is now also available on iPhone, iPad and Android. The website continues to be a popular choice for individuals and also those who wish to challenge their friends and workmates in team Tournaments.

Our 499,000 members have logged a grand total of more than 263 billion steps and continue to add an average of 43 million steps a day!

While also supporting individuals in their personal behaviour change, the 10,000 Steps website allows registration as a Coordinator, which provides free access to the Resources section. There are online resources that help workplaces and communities to promote physical activity through the use of the 10,000 Steps strategies and also free promotional materials that can be posted to Queensland Coordinators or downloaded by others. 

10,000 Steps Achievements

This infographic summarises some key achievements for the 10,000 Steps program between 2001-2020.

How we began...

10,000 Steps was Australia’s first ‘whole of community’ health promotion physical activity project funded by Queensland Health. In 2001, the Rockhampton region was chosen for a two year trial of the project as the residents showed 'typical' levels of inactivity. During these two years, the 10,000 Steps Rockhampton Project was a collaboration between CQUniversity, the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Sports Medicine Australia, and the National Heart Foundation.

The initial 10,000 Steps Rockhampton Project was an exemplary model of an effective multi-strategy, multi-sector physical activity project. As a result of the success in Rockhampton, QLD Health has continued to fund the ongoing delivery of the program as a sustainable state wide and beyond initiative.

10,000 Steps is committed to ongoing research, development, distribution and support of new and existing support materials to 10,000 Steps Coordinators, all with web-based support. The aim of this program is to increase participation in physical activity through Queensland and beyond.

The authors of all information on this website are health promotion professionals with minimum Bachelor qualifications. The website is overseen by Corneel Vandelanotte, Professorial Research Fellow, Physical Activity Research Group leader at the Appleton Institute, CQUniversity Australia.

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