There are plenty of ways to incorporate more movement into your every day activities, whether you are at home, work or within the community there are always opportunities to be active. Since we spend a large portion of our adult lives and work, it is important for our health, wellbeing and productivity to incorporate more movement into our daily tasks while at work.

Walk at Work

Moving more before and after work

  • Take your running shoes and go for a brisk walk or jog from your office before you go home in the afternoon.
  • Arrange a time to be active before or after work, which might mean an early morning or late afternoon walk or night time cycle or gym class.
  • Park your car further from your workplace and walk a little extra further in the mornings and afternoons.
  • If using public transport, get off at a stop before your usual station and walk the rest of the distance to your workplace.

Plan active meetings

  • Pick a dining or meeting location within walking distance from your workplace.
  • Make calls on your mobile outside while you walk, instead of sitting at your desk.
  • Walk to the work stations of colleagues to discuss work matters rather than calling or emailing.
  • Have standing or walking meetings instead of sitting.

Take a break

  • Take a walk during a morning, lunch or afternoon break and ask a colleague to go with you.
  • Take part in workplace wellness initiatives like yoga at lunchtime or fitness classes if available.
  • Do some stretches or exercises between tasks in your workstation.
  • Go for a quick walk within your building or work area to clear your head and get some fresh air between tasks.

Alternate between sitting and standing

  • Look into using standing desks or alternate between sitting and standing tasks.
  • Use printers, bathrooms or watercoolers further from your work station.
  • Take a longer route to colleague’s offices, meeting or mailing rooms.
  • Take the stairs instead of any internal lifts or escalators.

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