Our March 2024 Monthly Challenge Winner Arthur was kind enough to share his story with us.

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Arthur has been a 10,000 Steps member for over 17 years. During these 17 years, Arthur has walked over 80 millions steps, which is more than the circumference of the Earth.

Arthur has taken part in an impressive 75 of our Monthly Challenges and wont be stopping any time soon.

“Over the years, I’ve loved seeing the people from around Australia and the world who have been and are involved and engaged in a program promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

Over the years Arthur has overcome different cancers and injuries and had stopped using 10,000 Steps, but Arthur keeps coming back. Arthur is currently averaging just over 25,000 steps a day and feels the healthiest he has been in many years, if not his life.

We know our Program makes a difference and we feel incredibly privileged to be part of Arthur's story.

“I am appreciative of the role 10,000 steps program has and does play in me living a healthier and healthy life.”

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