Outdoors Queensland’s primary purpose is to raise the profile of the outdoors in Queensland, and the capacity and opportunity for more people to participate in outdoor activities.

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That ALL people have the opportunity to make connections with Queensland’s outdoors. We believe that the connections we make in the world around us and to those in it, influences and contributes to the quality of our lives. Everyone should have the chance to connect with all that is around us regardless of time, place, age, race, culture, experience, and limitations.


All Queenslanders can experience the outdoors on their own terms. If you are just starting your outdoor journey, we will create pathways for you to find and connect you to the outdoors that best suits you.



When you have found your stride in the outdoors, we will help you to connect with others that can take your outdoor adventures to the next level. We identify and highlight new places and providers that can help to push your boundaries.



Outdoors Queensland is a community. We will bring together people, outdoor recreation providers, and outdoor advocates who all have one thing in common – a love of the outdoors! We are a facilitator of conversations, provide advice on best practice in the industry, and an ear to listen to concerns and to celebrate successes.


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