The Monthly Challenges are an excellent way for individuals to monitor their activity levels while working towards reaching a monthly goal. The Monthly Challenges Toolkits allow you to promote the Monthly Challenges by sharing the resources with your workplace and/or community. 

Monthly Challenge Toolkits

Share the Monthly Challenges

The Monthly Challenges are available to all 10,000 Steps members (signing up is free). Use the toolkit resources to promote the Challenges before, after or in conjunction with a team Tournament or include them as a regular feature in your newsletters, staff blasts or EDM's.

Links to get involved

  • Visit the Monthly Challenges landing page to find out more about the Challenges and how to sign up.
  • 10,000 Steps members can join the current Challenge and view upcoming Challenges by visiting the Monthly Challenge pages from your Dashboard.

Call to action text options for newsletters or social posts

How many steps have you done today?

The 10,000 Steps program encourages you to become aware of how much you are moving by tracking your daily steps. Once you are tracking your steps, set yourself achievable goals and choose to make moving more a part of your every day. Whether it's doing a doing a lap around the block at lunchtime or while the kids train for sport, or parking your car at the opposite end of the shopping centre, look for opportunities to sneak in some extra steps to help hit your goals!

Make every move count with 10,000 Steps!

Sign up or login to the 10,000 Steps website and track your steps to help keep motivated to reach your daily goal. Every member who challenges themselves to complete a new virtual walking journey every month will go in the draw to win a pair of Asics shoes or Garmin activity tracker! 

Finished a team Tournament? Keep tracking your steps and challenge yourself to the next 10,000 Steps virtual journey!

Have you just finished a team tournament, but found tracking your steps kept you motivated to make active choices? Got more energy, head feel clearer and have you been enjoying stepping away from your computer to get some fresh air and maybe even catch up with a workmate? Keep smashing your goals and choose from one of four virtual Challenge journeys every month. Whether you are walking, wheeling, dancing or skipping - every move counts and every Challenge completed gives you a chance to win great prizes!

Download the Monthly Toolkits

Each monthly toolkit has specific information about that Monthly Challenge that you are welcome to share including a promotional flyer (feel free to edit to make specific to your audience) and creatives. If you require any images of different size, some extra information, or have an idea on how we can help you share the monthly Challenges, please contact us.

2023 May Monthly Challenge
In this zip file you will find: Two social media tiles and a promotional PDF flyer for this month's challenge.
2023 June Monthly Challenge
In this zip file you will find: One social media tiles and a promotional PDF flyer for this month's challenge.

Social Media

We encourage you to add your local or personalized touch to the messages to help connect with your audiences.

10,000 Steps has a presence on multiple social media platforms and we welcome you and your organisation to share any of our content and tag our pages in your posts to allow others to benefit from the messages we share.

10,000 Steps social media:

Facebook: @10000Steps.1   Instagram: @10000Steps_   Twitter: @10000Steps_    LinkedIn: 10000steps

Here are some ideas for hashtags: 

#10000steps #EveryStepCounts #EveryMoveCounts #BoostYourHealthy

#MoveMore #PhysicalActivity #Walking #ActiveCommunities #ActiveWorkplaces #HealthWellbeing #HealthierHappier #WeWalkQLD #WeWalkSA #StepChallenge #MonthlyChallenge #WalkingChallenge #PhysicalActivityChallenge

We have more Social Media templates available in to our Coordinators in the Resources Section. If your organisation does not currently have a Coordinator, sign up for free or contact us to find out more.  

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