You have registered an Organisation with 10,000 Steps and you are the nominated Coordinator. Coordinators have access to additional features including the Coordinator Hub which will allow you to create and conduct a team Tournament and/or promote 10,000 Steps on behalf of your workplace, community or friends group.

As a 10,000 Steps Coordinator you will receive the following:

  • Access to the Coordinator Hub on the 10,000 Steps website (accessible by Coordinators only).
  • Access to electronic 10,000 Steps resources and supporting materials.
  • Queensland based organisations can order free physical 10,000 Steps promotional materials (dependent on stocks).
  • Discounted rate on bulk pedometer purchases through Health Management Group.

The 10,000 Steps Program offers numerous materials electronically and free of charge to organisations aiming to promote physical activity using the 10,000 Steps Program.

Use of the 10,000 Steps Program

As a 10,000 Steps Coordinator you agree and understand that:

  • You will have access to your participants details including email addresses, name, steps, and activity logged. This information should only be used for the purposes of promoting and implementing the 10,000 Steps program with your target audience and is not to be distributed to external agencies. Individuals’ privacy must be respected, and management of any personal data must at all times comply with any applicable privacy laws.
  • 10,000 Steps and CQUniversity Australia does not offer any guarantee or warranty regarding any outcome for using the program, nor can it be held responsible for any claim arising from use or misuse of the program which is beyond its control.
  • Your Coordinator information (including email address and organisation details) may be used for informational mail outs by the 10,000 Steps program.
  • Your Coordinator information (including email address and organisation details) may be shared with Health and Wellbeing Queensland (including other programs funded through Health and Wellbeing Queensland) and Wellbeing SA for the purposes of informing you of relevant health promotion activities. We recommend for this reason that your 10,000 Steps account uses your work email address.
  • 10,000 Steps Coordinator Resources are exclusively provided for use in your capacity as a Coordinator only. These resources are not to be shared with other individuals or organisations. Please direct any individuals or organisations interested in these resources to create an account with 10,000 Steps.
  • If a new Organisation registration is a duplicate of an organisation that we already have in our system, the listed Coordinator details of that organisation including name and email will be distributed to the new Coordinator in order to determine if the new Coordinator can be added to an existing organisation or if a new organisation registration is needed.
  • If a new Coordinator is added to an existing organisation and they can confirm that a previous Coordinator no longer works for that organisation, 10,000 Steps Project Office will remove the previous Coordinator to maintain accurate contact information for Organisations.

Use of 10,000 Steps Coordinator Resources

  • Under no circumstance are the 10,000 Steps materials to be altered or interfered with unless authorised in writing by the 10,000 Steps Project Office.
  • Any print or electronic material produced regarding the program, including promotional material, must display the 10,000 Steps website (, and 10,000 Steps logo.
  • You are granted a nonexclusive, royalty-free right to use the 10,000 Steps logo. The logo shall always be used as stated in the Brand Guidelines (located in the Resources section)
  • You must receive written approval  from the 10,000 Steps Project Office before the 10,000 Steps logo can be used on promotional materials such water bottles, t-shirts, banners.
  • The 10,000 Steps logo is not be used on any step counting device.
  • You have the option of including your organisation or group name (e.g. Rockhampton) on the logo in accordance with the Brand Guidelines.

Last updated: 26th June 2023