2023.04 Major notice:

Version 4.8.5 has now moved to Legacy Mobile App. This means that Support is limited for this version and earlier versions, and that the app may crash at any time. Please update to the latest version of the 10,000 Steps mobile app for new features and up-to-date Support.

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Home screen.

Logged In

2. Select the Challenge icon.

Select Challenge

3. Select the Challenge journey option that suits your activity level.

Start a Challenge

4. Select the 'Join Challenge' button of the journey option you have chosen.

Join Challenge

5. Confirm that you want to join this Challenge.

Once you confirm that you want to join the Challenge, it will take you to the Challenge statistics page.

Join Challenge popup

6. View your Challenge statistics.

Ensure that you have updated your Step Log with the most up to date step count and your Challenge statistics will update.

By clicking the 'Details' button, the journey option information will be showed.

Challenge Statistics

7. Select the < to go back to the Home screen.

challenge back to home

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