The workplace is a great place to promote healthy behaviours. Current 10,000 Steps Coordinators have found 10,000 Steps to be a useful and easy to implement program that effectively increases the physical activity of their workers.

Make it count in the workplace.

10,000 Steps Tournament

The 10,000 Steps Tournament aims to:      

  • increase individual’s awareness of their physical activity levels     
  • increase physical activity levels     
  • encourage conversation and interest in physical activity     
  • promote incidental activity at work and at home
The Tournament involves forming teams within the organisation. The team members wear pedometers or activity trackers and record steps to complete a virtual walking journey. Team progress is tracked and displayed on the interactive 10,000 Steps website.  For more information about the 10,000 Steps Tournaments download the Preparing for a Tournament Information Sheet.

Preparing for a Tournament Information Sheet

This document provides a brief overview of the steps involved in conducting a Tournament.