For many people, time is one of the biggest barriers to physical activity. As the saying goes, if you don’t make time to be healthy now, you may have to make time for sickness later. At 10,000 Steps, we want to encourage you to choose to be active every day. Our take home message is to make movement a priority where ever you are during your daily activities at home, work or in family time. 

Activate Places

Activate Your Places

At Home.

Get into the garden and give your plants some TLC, play outside with your dog, play music and dance around the lounge room or kitchen while cooking, pace the house, driveway or yard while on the phone and move your laptop to the kitchen bench to stand.

In Your Neighbourhood.

Walk to your local park or just take in some fresh air by exploring your local streets. Find enjoyment in the social connection of seeing others in your neighbourhood face to face on your journey. Smile and say hello! You never know whose day you might brighten and it might make you feel happier too.

Sports Training.

Do you sit on the sideline while your child trains for their sport? See if you can fit in a lap or two while you wait, even better, encourage some other parents to join you!

Catch Up.

Choose an activity to do while catching up with friends. Our local communities have so much to offer if we make the most of what is available! Get a take-away coffee and walk along the beach, park or river while you talk, meet at a local national park walking trail (aren't we lucky to live in such a beautiful country!), have a round of golf or tennis or put a social team in one of your local sporting fixtures!

Have Fun.

As parents, we can sometimes look for a rest and sit back and watch the kids play, but why not join them and move your own body at the same time! Jump on the tramp, hop on the scooter, peddle your bike or play a game of tiggy in the backyard. It might just bring out the child in you and make you and your kids smile!

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How you can use 10,000 Steps.

Every minute of movement will add 100 steps and every 10 minutes will add 1,000 steps to your day! At 10,000 Steps we want to help you to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle:

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Walk together. Sometimes having a buddy to keep you on track makes all the difference. Connect with your friends on 10,000 Steps to check their progress or get some teams together to compete in a Tournament.

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