State and Local Challenges

Find out more about current, past and future 10,000 Steps Local and State-wide Challenges!

What is a 10,000 Steps State Challenge?

10,000 Steps state-wide Challenges organised and promoted in collaboration with our funding partners Health and Wellbeing Queensland, and Wellbeing SA. The Challenge involves setting a goal number of steps and tracking the state's collective steps for a certain timeframe to promote physical activity on a wider scale. When State Challenges are active, 10,000 Steps members steps within the specified timeframe are accumulated and displayed on a graph as well as against the overall Challenge goal.

Current State Challenges

Past State Challenges

What is a 10,000 Steps Local Challenge?

10,000 Steps Local Challenges are time or goal based Challenges where steps are accumulated using postcodes within a certain locality for a set timeframe. Area Challenges best suit large scale Local Governments and Hospital and Health Services. The first local Challenge was developed for City of Onkaparinga located in South Australia to encourage the community to incorporate more activity into their daily lives.

Past Postcode Challenges

State and area Challenges are for Australian locations only. If you would like more information, please Contact Us.