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South Australia's 2022 Billion Steps Challenge

Your mission has been completed!

Congratulations South Australia! Together we stepped our way from Earth to the moon and back, reaching the goal of 1 billion steps in just 30 days. Thank you for taking part in the 2022 Billion Steps Challenge, we hope it inspired you to find more ways to move each day!

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Would you like to go in the draw to win a Garmin Venu SQ Smart Watch to keep your activity on track? Take a few minutes to share your thoughts on the Challenge in the Post Challenge Survey. Your feedback will assist us to evaluate the Challenge and make improvements in the future.

From South Australia? Join us in reaching our 1,000,000,000 steps goal!

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Congratulations South Australia! Together we successfully reached the 1,000,000,000 challenge goal in 30 days!

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Join our November Challenge through England! Each month there is a new Challenge in a different part of the world. Choose from one of four options of varying lengths and continue to step towards your journey goal. We give away a pair of Asics and Garmin each month to two lucky members who complete their Challenge journey.

We are here to support you to be active all year around!

Beyond the Challenge.

There are still plenty of ways to keep your activity on track now that the Challenge has been completed. Here are a few links to support you to stay active!

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Oct. 1, 2022

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What our 2022 Challenge participants had to say...

Since joining the challenge for the first time in 2021, starting tracking my activity was the first step in me accessing help to lose weight and get healthy. Since then I have lost almost 30kg's with the help of a dietician and GP. I am healthier, more active and have some control over my health now.
- Katherine
It becomes part of the daily mindset.
- Michael
Our teams got quite competitive and that encouraged us to keep track of our steps and encourage each other. We had a casual walking group that took a 30min walk at lunch and that has continued after the challenge ended.
- Steph
It has made me make more of a conscious effort to get up and walk around the workplace during the day as well as then making sure I went walking for exercise most evenings which has made me feel physically and mentally healthy.
- Kylie
It has brought a team together to motivate each other to keep active. It has helped me to step away from my desk and have a better balance of activity and sedentary behaviours.
- Anonymous
Built rapport and relationships within the workplace, associated with people I didn't know previously and allowed for some friendly competition.
- Chelsea
More aware of how much time I spend sitting and how easy it is to do a little bit regularly to build up my steps for the day. Great motivation to be a part of a Team.
- Andrew

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