A: A 10,000 Steps Tournament is a free and interactive tool for workplaces, communities, and various groups to promote and enhance health and wellbeing. If you are interested in coordinating a Tournament, you need to register your organisation and become a Coordinator.
A Tournament involves forming teams, embracing a (healthy) competitive spirit, wearing pedometers or activity trackers, tracking steps on the 10,000 Steps website or app, and integrating activity and movement into everyday life. There are two types of Tournaments - Race and Time Out.
Race Tournaments allow you to choose from a selection of virtual walking journeys where each team member's steps contribute to completing the walking journey. For example, The Original Tournament journey is 1,800,000 steps and the winning team is the first team to reach the destination. Coordinators can choose the start date of a Race Tournament but there is no end date as the goal is to complete the journey distance.
Time Out Tournaments are time-restricted and allow teams to accumulate steps for a set duration, i.e., teams compete to achieve the most steps by the end of a 4-week period. Coordinators can choose the start and end dates for the Tournament.


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