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Before You Start:

Have you selected the option?

You need to opt-in to be visible. If you'd like to opt-in to be visible on public leaderboards, you can update this in the Settings section of Account Details.

If you agree to your details being displayed, some of your details become visible including on the Public Leaderboard, and Monthly Challenge Leaderboards where you have joined a Monthly Challenge journey for that month.

This includes:

  • your name (for example, Sally or Sally Stepper)
  • age range (for example, 30 - 45)
  • location (for example, Queensland)
  • steps (including daily average and total steps).

For more information on what information others can see, please see the following Support Topic. 

How to See Your Name on the Public Leaderboard

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Step 1

2. Check "Display details publicly" and save.

Step 3

3. Your Details will now be displayed.

If you are participating in a Challenge, you will now be shown on the Leaderboard of the journey option which you have chosen (as shown below). This Leaderboard is visible to other members who have chosen the same journey.

To be displayed on the Public Leaderboard in the Step Stats, you must be within the top 1000 members.

Step 5


See program information, troubleshooting and guides on using 10,000 Steps.
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