Printable Step Log

The printable Step Log can be used for participants to record steps and extra activities for up to four weeks. This can be useful as an offline resource for participants to keep track of their activity for their own record during the Tournament. 10000_032 - Printable Step Log v2

Recording Other Activities in Steps Information Sheet

The Moderate and Vigorous Activity in Minutes columns in the Step Log can be used to enter time spent doing other activities in minutes. The activity in minutes is automatically converted to steps and is added to the step total. The steps added to the total depends on the intensity of the activity performed.

Through the Step Log conversion, 10 minutes of moderate intensity activity is equal to 1,000 steps. Moderate intensity activity causes a slight, but noticeable increase in breathing and heart rate. You should be able to maintain a conversation while participating in moderate intensity activity Examples of moderate intensity activity include swimming, cycling, horse riding, active gardening and dancing. For vigorous activity, 10 minutes of high intensity activity is equal to 2,000 steps. High intensity (or vigorous) activity makes you “huff and puff”, where talking full sentences between breaths is difficult. Examples of high intensity activity include circuit training, jogging, netball, football and other competitive sports. 

We encourage the entry of time spent participating in other activities into the Activities in Minutes column of the Step Log as the pedometer only accurately records steps. Pedometers detect the motion of the hips while walking by using a pendulum mechanism and therefore do not accurately record other activities.

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