Australasian University Health Challenge
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2020 Australasian University Health Challenge


1st - Murdoch Children's Research Institute
2nd - University of Sydney
3rd - University of Newcastle

How does the Challenge work?

Once you are signed up as a 10,000 Steps member, you can join the AUHC by choosing your team below. 

Once you have chosen your Health Challenge Team, log your daily steps and your totals will automatically contribute to your University total. Set body goals and monitor your measurements throughout the 6 weeks for an additional challenge. You can add physical activity that excludes walking as well, such as cycling or swimming.

With your colleagues or by yourself, strive to increase your daily step count. Log your steps and physical activity through the step log, and visit this page regularly to see which University is in the lead!

N.B. None of your individual measures can be viewed by other participants. Only the totals of all participants are shown.

What is the Australasian University Health Challenge? 

The Australasian University Health Challenge (AUHC) is a health-focused initiative where staff and students make behavioural changes to increase their daily levels of physical activity. Being physically active is crucial for health and wellbeing.

A large portion of our adult lives are spent at work; which are progressively becoming more and more sedentary environments. Less than 20% of Australian adults reach the recommended activity level of 10,000 steps per day. Recent research is showing that health benefits are found with even small increases in the number of steps we take, so now is a great time to start adding some more walking to your day! 

18 Universities across Australia and New Zealand have teamed up to provide staff and students with an opportunity to increase their physical activity, through a fun and exciting inter-university competition.

Over a 6 week period from 31 August to 11 October, challenge yourself and your friends to increase your daily amount of steps through small yet significant behavioural changes. Represent your University and compete against other institutions across the country and sea.

Physical activity CAN be fun. Sign up with your friends and feel the benefits yourself.


To encourage healthy competition between the participating institutions, the leaderboard will keep track of how many steps each University has accumulated so far. The leaderboard will update each Universities progress from the start of the AUHC on 31 August until the end on 11 October 2020.

Note: The average steps are calculated by dividing the total number of team steps / number of team members. 

This Health Challenge is now finished and no further updates will occur.

Challenge Team Leaderboard

Rank Name Weight Loss (kg) Waist Girth Loss (cm) Total Steps Average Steps
  • Participants: 312
0.0 0.0 10,184,695 565,816
University of Sydney
  • Participants: 77
0.0 0.0 14,956,582 534,163
University of Newcastle
  • Participants: 389
5.3 0.0 43,339,256 376,863
University of Adelaide
  • Participants: 135
3.4 3.0 48,247,528 357,389
Bond University
  • Participants: 55
6.4 5.0 19,182,601 348,774
University of Western Australia
  • Participants: 53
0.0 0.0 17,882,414 337,404
University of Waikato
  • Participants: 288
1.0 4.5 41,522,923 319,407
University of Canterbury
  • Participants: 278
0.0 0.0 64,465,580 319,136
Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington
  • Participants: 369
0.0 0.0 94,923,523 314,316
University of Tasmania
  • Participants: 208
6.4 0.0 64,800,657 311,541
  • Participants: 130
6.7 3.0 40,329,122 310,224
  • Participants: 84
1.8 0.0 25,868,582 307,959
Australian Catholic University
  • Participants: 85
2.6 0.0 24,426,285 287,368
Lincoln University
  • Participants: 27
7.8 4.5 7,722,168 286,006
University of Queensland
  • Participants: 197
1.5 0.0 46,242,959 234,735
University of Sunshine Coast
  • Participants: 84
8.9 3.0 19,086,544 227,220
Massey University
  • Participants: 147
0.0 0.0 28,514,114 193,973
Southern Cross University
  • Participants: 71
0.0 0.0 12,351,547 173,965

How can I be involved?

Choose your challenge team

Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington
University of Newcastle
University of Newcastle
Southern Cross
Southern Cross University
Australian Catholic University
University of Canterbury
University of Canterbury
University of Waikato
University of Waikato
Lincoln Uni
Lincoln University
Massey Uni
Massey University
University of Sunshine Coast
University of Sunshine Coast
University of Queensland
Uni Adelaide
University of Adelaide
Uni of Sydney_ACFR
University of Sydney
University of Tasmania
University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia

New 10,000 Steps Members

1. Go to the 10,000 Steps website and select Sign Up.
2. Enter your details to create your own account, we encourage you to use an organisational email address if you are part of a workplace group. Please note down your password as you will need it to login.
3. Select that you would like to register as a participant.
4. You will be asked to verify your email address by checking your emails and clicking on the link provided.
5. Complete the last required details needed to create your account.
6. Your account will now be created and you can access your Dashboard.
7. On your Dashboard, click on the Health Challenge card to return to this page.
8. Select which Health Challenge team you would like to join from this page.
9. If you wish to keep track of your height, weight and waist measurements, and add your goals as part of this challenge you can do so in the Health Measures section.

Existing 10,000 Steps Members

If you are already a member of the 10,000 Steps website, you can join the Challenge by doing the following:
1. Go to the 10,000 Steps website and select Login.
2. Login with your email address or username and password.
3. On your Dashboard, click on the Health Challenge card to return to this page.
4. Select which Health Challenge team you would like to join from this page.
5. If you wish to keep track of your height, weight and waist measurements, and add your goals as part of this challenge you can do so in the Health Measures section.

If you have previously taken part in a health challenge you can choose to join another Health Challenge team from this page.

More Information

If you need more information, please contact us.

Share your Progress!

Share your photos with us on Instagram and Facebook and let us know about your progress by using the Challenge hashtags  #10000steps #EveryStepCounts #Moveyourmood #2020auhc.

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