Health Challenges

Find out more about current, past and future 10,000 Steps Health Challenges!

What is a 10,000 Steps Health Challenge?

The Health Challenge is a great strategy to encourage participants to be more active and participate in a fun initiative with colleagues, community members, family and friends.

From their Dashboard, 10,000 Steps members can join a current Health Challenge in their community. Once joined, any steps and health measures logged within the set dates contribute to the overall team totals. 

Please note, there is not always a Health Challenge in your area. Health Challenges are special events!

At 10,000 Steps, we can assist workplaces and communities to set up Health Challenges for their community, and these challenges evolve over time. If you are interested in organising a Health Challenge, please contact us

Looking for a Team Tournament?

A Team Tournament is an organisational step challenge where workplaces or community groups form internal teams and compete with each other on a private leaderboard. This is different to a Health Challenge, which has a public leaderboard, open registration, and one large team from each organisation, or one team for the whole challenge.

Please see 10,000 Steps for Workplaces and Communities for more information.

Upcoming Health Challenges

There are no upcoming Health Challenges. Please contact us if you'd like to fund a health challenge in your state!

Previous Health Challenges

Check out previous Health Challenges below to see how we work with the groups to set up personalised Health Challenge pages, populated with organisation information, logos and leaderboard. Please Contact Us if you would like to organise a Health Challenge or have any questions.

Billion Steps Challenges

These are state-wide Health Challenges organised and promoted in collaboration with our funding partners Health and Wellbeing Queensland, and Wellbeing SA. Please Contact Us if you would like to organise a Health Challenge for your state.

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