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Hi Guys,--I started off

“Hi Guys, I started off with 10000steps back at the end of May after my doctor told me the plain facts about my health and I got a HbA1C result which suggested that I was losing the control over my blood sugar levels -I turn 59 next year and plan to have a few good years after retirement. My weight then was 124 Kg and now after 5 months I am down to 116 Kg - Not a great loss but my belt has come in 15 cm - The last month has been a little disappointing as the weight has now stablized since the start of the hot weather - I hear muscle is more dense than fat so heres hoping that is the reason the weight seems to have plateaued. I am lucky that I have an opportunity to put in up to 6,000 steps most days at work - This means that I need another 30-40 minutes special effort to get to 10,000 - I was doing this at lunch time but am now finding it too hot and sweaty to go back to work. Now with the start of Daylight saving I will have to find time after I get home from work. Last month my partner and I started to attend Rock & Roll classes and that must be helping with the general fitness and flexibility - What's more it is fun. I feel let down if there is no steps and I have to take an elevator or lift - I have come to love steps (a few at a time anyway) In the 5 months since I started on the program I am averaging just on 10,000 steps per day and am up to 1.6 million - That is 1,280 Klm. I got a couple of workmates to join me in a team (to help keep me motivated) and we are now taking the virtual walk around Queensland - Out West of Cunnamulla at present and it is getting hot out here. So guys - the program works - keep at it Regards Peter Tweed Heads ”
Peter, New South Wales, 1 Nov 2005

A few months ago,

“A few months ago, I was determined to establish an excercise routine. Primarily, I was not to keen for a "full on" excercise. But now, I am a "yank" who has cranked up some serious steps and a bit more toned. There is a moderate weight loss. The lesson learned that is to start with something small, keep the focus and push yourself more. In other words, my "battle of the bulge" is now more a full on assault to loose some more weight. Thank you and blessings upon those who read this. You can win and conquer what has conquered you. That is the attitudes, habbits and lifestyle choices that has weighed us down. Liberate, Lessen and Love urself full on, CTC Randy ”
, New South Wales, 30 Oct 2005

My name is Theresa

“My name is Theresa & this is the second time I've written into this site, but this time I've had some adversity to face and a personal crisis to cope with. I'm really feeling the pressure and I need to share these thoughts with others who read this, as I know life for them too, isnt perfect. When my world first 'fell apart' two weeks ago, the first thing I felt I needed when my stomach was able to handle food was comfort food. My good habits temporarily went astray, but not for long. Self preservation kicked in and I knew that if I didnt take care of my health, I would only feel worse in the long run and I couldnt imagine that. So now even if I dont do much else, I try to always kick in at least 10000 steps daily. Nice long walks in new places just feeling the wind of my face and hearing Gods voice in my soul. Walking, more than anything has been my way of 'coping' with a dark time of my life. I'm so glad I got into the habit before, so it was only second nature now, when the chips were down. I've been having my share of 'glug'food, not a lot, just enough to make me feel better...But tomorrows another day and the sun will rise again. I encourage all my brothers and sisters out there to remember that we are all human and dont all have 'perfect' lives....But no matter what happens we must all look after our health, because thats one of the few things that we do have control over...... ”
Theresa, Tasmania, 18 Oct 2005

I am so happy

“I am so happy that I discovered this site. In June of 2004 I had surgery to reconstruct my knee after an accident and my weight of 95kg's sure wasn't helping my knee to get any better. I also have a very bad back so I decided that I just couldn't do exersice anymore....cause golly, I had an excuse. How wrong and unhappy was I !!! I found this site and I just headed out the front door to do a little bit of a walk...for about 3 months I just walked gradually increasing distances, and guess what? I discovered that it was actually fun to go walking, I have met lots of lovely people (and dogs) and I have even discovered how beautiful a sunrise is over our beach. I also swim and bike ride and I have discovered that i am actually very good in the garden now too...I have my very first vege patch. I have friends from interstate that haven't seen me for 12 months and they are amazed at the changes. I am now proud to say that I weigh 70kg instead of 95kg's and I feel great. My doctors and I have cut my pain medication by over half and I have stopped taking all other medications that I have been taking for years and was told that I would have to take for the rest of my life. I am only 46 years young but just over 12 months ago I felt like I was 80 years old and I was depressed with my pain, with my weight, with what image I projected to others, I was never happy and now I just feel great. I still want to lose another 3-5 kg's but that is not going to be hard at all and being 5' 11" tall I am not really carrying too much weight now. I swear to you that dieting is not the way to go...start walking and just eat healthy and don't say no to a treat once a week. Thank you so much to the 10,000 step program because you have helped me to change my life. Dee Cook Lennox Head NSW ”
Dee, Victoria, 16 Oct 2005

Deb from Sydney,--Well I

“Deb from Sydney, Well I have only been married about four months, and have become my heaviest weight ever - not good, since the clothes start to get too tight, but my sister had been walking with the programme and was at what my weight used to be. I started and with lots of encouragement - dare I say competition - (seeing who was the "winner" each day) - I have lost the first four kg. Am back down to 58 kg and only have a couple of kg to go. I just love how easy this is and how it can be just a personal thing, or a bit competetive (with the skinny sister)(SHE PAID ME TO SAY THAT!!) Thanks - oh and my Preschoolers have become my personal trainers. "Deb walk around the table, No walk around three times. Now what are your numbers??" They are learning about numbers and distance, and love it when I get to the really BIG numbers like 8000, and I get the big "WOW!!" Thanks so much!! ”
deb, Queensland, 11 Oct 2005

Hi,--This year I went

“Hi, This year I went over the 200kg mark and I am on my way down now thanks to Weight Watchers. I have not exercised as such but have increased my activity levels at home and go to the shops just to walk around. Anyone out there who started off like me and finds walking hard on their knees? My email is ”
Anonymous, Northern Territory, 11 Oct 2005

Just started today, am

“Just started today, am planning to make one million steps by the end of Feb 2006. Hopefully a few kilos will go along the way. Let's see! W ”
Wendy, New South Wales, 11 Oct 2005

I have reached my

“I have reached my million steps and am heading towards my second. I continue to read others stories on their road to their million. I have found that continuing with this program and reading others stories is a great momentum to continue with my exercise program. To read of the hardships of others, and to find that this program has helped them is wonderful so keep stepping everybody, and reach that milestone and many more Linda ”
Linda, Queensland, 9 Oct 2005

I started stepping on

“I started stepping on 1 September 2005 after moving back to my home town. So far I have managed to acheive 434959 and averaged 12082 steps per day. I am the sort of person that will hapily procrastinate when it comes to exercise and up until september was really good at justifying to myself that it was o.k. to sit around and do nothing for 101 excuses. I have found the program keeps me motivated to keep exercising and active even on days when I am less than enthusiastic. Since September, I feel great and have lost just under 4kg of the 10 I want to lose before my wedding. Thank you 10000 steps for keeping me motivated and giving me a great positive outlook on activity and life. ”
Alison, Victoria, 7 Oct 2005

To start off....I HATE

“To start off....I HATE EXERCISE!! But.....when I heard this program on our local talkback radio...for some inspired me to do something to get fit. I have just turned 60 years of age, at the top of my weight range, wear a size 12, but do not wish to go any higher. I have slightly high blood pressure but other than that I am pretty good for my age. I love life, have no aches and pains and would give the average 25 year old a run for their money, lol. So here I am ...I have today, got 930,000 steps up and will hit the 1,000,000 mark very soon, whoopee!! Started my program in late May and have, for the first time in my life, stuck to my daily walking routine. I feel great and have so much more energy since starting walking. Hubby is also walking with me plus doing lots of walking on his two days of golf. I also have joined a Tuesday walking group where we walk through the local shopping mall before it opens for business. I have now made a new group of friends of my own age who are also keen on staying fit and well as they go into their older years. :) Keep on walkin' everyone ”
Pam, Australian Capital Territory, 2 Oct 2005

I'm also in the

“I'm also in the new Monash challenge, and looking forward to being on the WINNING team! Sorry, no time to talk, I've got to get back out there and walking... Good luck everyone, SAM BERRINGER. ”
Anonymous, Victoria, 29 Sep 2005

This program is fantastic!

“This program is fantastic! I was in one of the challenges at Monash University last year and really enjoyed myself. So I joined up again for the new challenge, and already (after only three days) I am feeling the benefits. I wore my pedometer to the gym today and racked up 6,000 steps in only one hour! Good luck to all of the other Monash people in this new challenge. ”
Linda, Victoria, 27 Sep 2005

Trim, Fit and Healthy

“Trim, Fit and Healthy by 30 That's my goal. I started logging steps in June of 2005. In the time since I have logged 660,000 steps plus!!! In the begining it was hard. And most days I would rather lay around and watch TV with my kids then walk. In July I turned 28. I did some figuring and found out that if I worked very hard I could loose 160 lbs by the time I turned 30. I have been faithfull untill the last two weeks (a sinus infection and sprained ankle sidelined me!) but I realise that its OK to start over again at any time! I have lost almost 30 pounds since June!!! I started playing soccer with my 8 year old son. And it just breaks my heart to think of all the time I missed with him because I "couldnt" walk with him! And he is now the best player on his team because of all the practice I have done with him! Soccer is a GREAT way to get steps!!!! Good luck all you guys and keep up the hard work! Jenn ”
Jenn, Australian Capital Territory, 22 Sep 2005

Hi my name is

“Hi my name is Gail, I have lived in Yeppoon for the last 11 years (this time). 12 mths ago i joined Weight Watchers. as being 130 kg i need to something for my health. As even walking was a chore, I loged on to this wonderful web site to get some motivation with walking but on the 11th of August 05 I started to log my steps and I have now loged 465304 steps I now walk down the Beach and have lost 38.2 kg I feel GREAT and I don't feel that every body is staring at me. I plan to keep going to my goal and to Keep on Walking I put on my music and no matter how i feel i make the commitment to walk after work each day. Thank you to the steps program for this web site for the motivation that it gives me to keep on walking. ”
Gail, Queensland, 21 Sep 2005

In February 2004 (when

“In February 2004 (when I was 47yo)I was 120 kilo. I knew this was rediculous, but I knew nothing of diets, calories or the like. So what I did was I decided to check what amount of Fat intake a person of rather inactive habits such as myself should limit myself to. I checked several sites on the web, and found that most recommended that it be between 40 - 45g per day. So I set about setting myself up a diet that would allow me to take up to only 35 to 40g per day. I was amazed how much this allowed me to eat and still lose weight. By June 2004 I was down to 96 kilo, but to lose more I knew I needed to start exercising. So I started a daily walking plan. 30 - 45 mins per day and making it as brisk as I could. The times remained the same, but the distances I covered increased and again the kilos fell off me. By December 04 I was down to 86 kilo and that is where I am happy - all I do now is maintain the weight by eating right and continue my walking exercise plan. Now all of this did not mean I didn't allow myself to have the occasional pizza or chocolate, it just meant that when I did have that pizza, I returned to the proper diet the next day. I found the cravings for the bad stuff disappeared and that even my taste changed - for example, potato crisps - I can no longer eat too many as they taste far too fatty to me, and this change of taste contributed greatly in stopping any urge or need for snacks. My waistline of 116cm (46ins) decreased to 93cm (36ins). A waitline I have not seen since I was in my 20s and I am now a 49yo. I have managed to keep my weight between 83 to 86kilos for over a year. My Doctor has taken me off my blood pressure medication and is extremely pleased with my efforts and health. By keeping to my sensible diet (on the most part) and joining the 10,000 step program I find I am able to maintain my weight and health so very easily. And people notice the difference - its great! ”
Stewart, Australian Capital Territory, 17 Sep 2005

Hi Everyone! My name

“Hi Everyone! My name is Therese,and I'm 50 years 'young' and have just found this website.I've been watching my steps since January 05, and I have decided to take control of my life and not let life control me! Since then I have lost 7kgs, 34cms off my body size.My blood pressure, cholesterol and anxiety levels have all dropped too. I walk on my own most of the time and have included a one hour walk 'most' days. I try to include my walking as part of my daily lifestyle just like brushing my hair.Exercising 3-4 times doesnt work too well for me, as being a creature of habit, I need to exercise daily to adapt to it. I walk rain, hail or shine, literally! My small back pack carries mobile phone, tissues, keys,sm fold up umbrella,$2 coin,& hand held tape recorder and 'dog deterrent'( a small ultrasonic hand held device that dogs dont like) a precaution against loose dogs, just in case!I always plan my days around my walks, not vice versa. Sometimes I walk with my partner and we discuss things that we never would if at home. But most of the time its me and GOD. Walking has a bonus benefit of clearing my mind as well as the excess toxins out of my body! I'm planning to start up a group so that we can 'walk around Australia in steps', to raise money for a worthy cause! Enjoy your life, its the only one you'll have.... ”
Theresa, Tasmania, 18 Aug 2005

Yahoo! I've done it

“Yahoo! I've done it I have made the magic million, now onto the next million. I feel better for keeping this up and I am so glad I did this to get me back into the swing of doing exercise. Keep stepping everyone, you will feel so much better for doing it both physically and mentally. Keep stepping Linda xx ”
Linda, Queensland, 16 Aug 2005

YEEHAR-I've logged up a

“YEEHAR I've logged up a million steps today. a million steps in 61 days, I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. my story:- I played amateur football until i was 32, and only quit then because of knee ligament damage. So for the last 19 years ive lead a fairly sedantry life. Anyway last October i was looking in the mirror and there staring back at me was my deceased grandfathers belly. you will know this belly, it was made famous in the sad sack cartoons. so the time to do something about my lifestyle had come and being someone who has to eat when hungry dieting was not an option. I started walking 25 minutes every morning. That grew out to 40 minutes and now has escalated to an hour in which in which I walk 7 kilometers. The only days I dont walk are the wet days or mornings if I've had to go into work in the middle of the night because the alarms gone off. luckily this month has been dry, that made the million logged steps in the two months possible. I also have an aversion to being cold and wondered if my enthusiasm would wane once winter came. luckily I found the 10,000 steps site on may 30 and began logging the next day. Now 9 months on I'm 11kg lighter hardly any tummy left and I've only made minor concessions to my eating habits and I feel great. Thankyou to the 10,000 steps people and those of you who submitted your stories your inspiration has made the journey so much easier. One of my sons is talking of walking the bibblumum track. That may become my next focus. Good luck to you all BRENDAN JOYCE ”
brendan, Western Australia, 30 Jul 2005

hooray I have reached

“hooray I have reached the three quarter mark wow I am pleased with myself. Soon I will reach the big one the one million that will be a good day. So come on steppers lets all get there. KEEP STEPPING EVERYONE Linda x ”
Linda, Queensland, 28 Jul 2005

Hi! My name

“Hi! My name is Theresa and I began a NEW WAY of life in January 2005. I must admit that this journey involves He has kept me faithful and has made this journey a joy to participate in! I have enjoyed His presence daily on the treadmill, which has taken the "PAIN" out of exercise for me! To date, I have logged my exercise and have lost a total of 65 pounds (29.5Kg). My goal was to reach my marriage size and I did it! I want to thank the 10,000 steps organization SO MUCH for creating this web-page journal. I have visited your page once a day and have logged my exercise path...which has helped me see steady progress and kept me ON TRACK... My plan is to continue exactly what I am doing and live a life FREE from FAT!!!! I am in terrific shape and have more confidence than ever!!!! If you are just beginning, or in progress, KEEP IT UP!!!! YOU WILL GET THERE TOO!!!! I have FAITH in you!!!! ”
Theresa, Queensland, 17 Jul 2005

Hello all you steppers-I

“Hello all you steppers I am very proud of myself as I have reached the half way mark, makes me all the more determined to get to the big one. Reading some of the other stories also gives me the energy to keep stepping out and reaching that ten thousand step mark everyday, some days I feel it is a little difficult than I think it is my benefit to make it, then I do. Keep stepping everyone you are the one that benefits at the end linda xx ”
Linda, Queensland, 11 Jul 2005

Warm greetings from Taiwan

“Warm greetings from Taiwan to all 10000 steps walkers! You are all very much encouraged to adopt this most natural, positive, and cheapest way of healthy lifestyle. While we all enjoy the benefits of walking, please don't forget to encourage as many sedentary people around as possible to join us so as to see 10000-step per day a global health movement soon in the future. Let us work together and walk everywhere! Clark (from Taipei, Taiwan) Email: ”
Jiunn-chern, Australian Capital Territory, 10 Jul 2005

I am 45 and

“I am 45 and have always loved walking, but 4 years ago I hurt my ankle quite badly and it took 2 years of therapy and an operation before I got the ok to walk again. I had put on more than 15 kilos in this time, so first weight off - done. Been trying to walk at least 4 kms three times a week, then work joined the 10,000 steps and this encouraged me to be more active. My average to date is now 9850 per day. My best day is over 16000. I am planning a 20km walk next weekend - look out average. ”
Chris, Tasmania, 29 Jun 2005

I am a committed

“I am a committed walker and thoroughly enjoy my exercise each day. I have been using a pedometer for the last 6-8 months and find that it really spurs me on to keep active. It is really motivating to see how much you can do in a day. Apart from my walking I am also trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and get those extra kilos off. ”
, Australian Capital Territory, 26 Jun 2005

Hi there all you

“Hi there all you steppers. I have been a stepper for 3 years, but have only just joined the 10,000 steps program. I was diagnosed with diabetes 11 and high blood pressure and rising cholesterol at that time. So I purchased a stepper from the diabetes association then and started stepping. I had everthing under control until May last year when I slipped and damaged my hamstring, that pulled up my walking for a while, then in January this year I had major surgery so my stepping has been knocked again. I have joined the stepping program to give myself an incentive to keep bettering my stepping and get myself back on track, and it is working. I am glad I have found this site and pleased with myself for joining. SO GET STEPPING EVERYONE CONGRATULATIONS LINDA X ”
Linda, Queensland, 13 Jun 2005

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