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Hi everyone, tony g.

“Hi everyone, tony g. here again.As i thought my steps did fall away a bit on holidays but not as much as i thought they might.I just logged on and found the million milestones section,this, I thought is a great idea for those of us who have been tracking our steps throughout last year and before.If you think that the average six foot tall person will take 120 steps per 100 metres,it just takes a calculation to see just how far you have walked for the year.I hope everyone is still enjoying the program,especially those joining us from overseas,anyway,keep on stepping everyone, it does you the world of good.”
Anonymous, Queensland, 24 Jan 2007

Hi Everyone,--I had my

“Hi Everyone, I had my second child on the 15th September 2006. The pregnany was riddled with of which was my patella kept on slipping out. Loosened ligaments and all those prenancy hormones weren't doing my knee any good. I ended up not exercising and keeping my knee in a brace because I was constantly scared that my knee was going to pop out again. Once my daughter was born I told myself that I had to get back to the exercise. I just found it really hard to walk because I was in pain every time I walked up and down hills. I decided to pull out the pedometer again and revisit this site. I decided to slowly work through the pain and gradually work up my step count. I have now also pulled my finger out and am now going to the physio about my knee. This will probably mean that I won't quite complete this months challenge...but there are so many more that I can do once my knee is ship shape. Keep stepping everyone, Susan ”
Susan, New South Wales, 24 Jan 2007

As a U.S. resident

“As a U.S. resident (I live in the State of New Hampshire, in the Northeast corner of the US), it is such great fun to be doing this with folks from Australia. For many of us in the United States, your country represents "something better", a country of active individualists with a slightly different take on how the world should work. My daily goal is 12,345 and one-half steps a day. Pretty exciting for someone who couldn't finish a one-mile walk 3 months ago! And thanks to the site administrators for letting us be a part of this...”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 23 Jan 2007

Hey everyone, am 34

“Hey everyone, am 34 years old and had to have emergency open heart surgry 3 months ago. I had to walk (doctors orders) right when I got home from hospital. My mom bought me a pedometer and I had plenty of time to hang out on the internet where I stumbled (thank God) on this website. I joined in the December challenge and actually completed it, I was so proud I printed my certificate and hung it in my office at work. Now I have bought myself a new pedometer and I track everything I do, dance, walk, play racquetball, anything to make those numbers go up. It is so fun and I am getting so healthy in the meantime. Hang in there steppers, if I can do it anyone can. Nikki”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 16 Jan 2007

Hi everyone,--My trick when

“Hi everyone, My trick when I get blisters is to cover them with bandaids and then to put a layer of thick strapping tape overtop. This way even when breaking in new shoes, I can continue my walking! Also have a look at our newsletter archive for April 2006, there is a great blister story in there - Great to see everyone sharing their stories - we enjoy hearing from you all! Cheers, Anetta (10,000 Steps Project Officer)”
Anetta, Queensland, 10 Jan 2007

Just feel I am

“Just feel I am coming to the end of a real hard part of life, both changed jobs, moved house & area, and suffering from terrible stress, anxiety and depression, I spent 4 months off work after being diagnosed with really high blood pressure. Have been back in work now for over a year and starting to feel optomistic about life. I have brought a step counter, started the CISCO diet and now will!! loose 7 kilos over the next 7 weeks....... Never ever been on a diet before but have never been this heavy (75 kilos). Average in Jan so far 11491 so feeling good.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 10 Jan 2007

Hi. I have

“Hi. I have just started an i-challenge, and completed my first week on a weight loss program (weigh in tonight). I have been in a team challenge and know that it works, but have started 9 days late, so am a bit worried about making it. We will see.”
Anonymous, Victoria, 9 Jan 2007

Hey there--Walking my tootsies

“Hey there Walking my tootsies off and now have blisters. I know I really need to wear proper shoes (cheated and wore the massage sandals this morning), but does anyone out there have any good blister remedies. They wont deter me, have got really thick socks and will wear the trainers tomorrow, but they really hurt. Yours in Walking (and i do a lot of talking) Cheers A”
Anonymous, Northern Territory, 9 Jan 2007

Happy New Year.-I am

“Happy New Year. I am starting the new year with a bucketload of goals. - Quit smoking, Get active and enjoy life without the burden of guilt. Was at the pharmacy last week and bought a pedometer and a packet of nicotine replacement lozenges. All this in addition to the new bike I got for xmas from my long suffering husband, so I can ride my bike to work every day. Not saying it is easy, but I feel really optimistic, and needed something to work on while I beat the smoking. Doing well except for Saturday here where it was 42 degrees and humid meaning the evaporative airconditioner did nothing. My husband and I sat in the pool, drinking water, and I only achieved 1729 steps. Now it is Monday, back on the bike, walked the dogs this morning and feeling really good. Watch out all you 10,000 steppers, I am out to get you (oops - support you and get your support too)”
Anonymous, Northern Territory, 8 Jan 2007

Hi -For those whose

“Hi For those whose pedometers are in danger of being lost or dropped and damaged, tie a small piece of wool or string through it and saftey pin it on the inside of your waistband. No more pedometers in toilets!!”
Wendy, New South Wales, 4 Jan 2007

Yay!! I reached 1,000,000

“Yay!! I reached 1,000,000 steps in less than three months! Anyway that aside, I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories. I started my "healthy lifestyle" plan on the 19th of October and am pleased to say that here on the 4th of January I have lost a grand total of 27 centimeters - 14 from my waist and 13 from my hips. My weight is unknown at this stage but I will be stepping on the scales when I see the dietician on the 11th of January and then we will go from there. Unfortunately my health conditions have not improved, with my lungs aching from the asthma and making it difficult to walk and do my favourite exercise of all at the moment... tae-bo. Anyhow on the whole I am enjoying the walking/exercising and want to encourage you all to keep going. Remember, when you're climbing up that mountain it's one step at a time! Ana”
Anonymous, Queensland, 4 Jan 2007

Just joined at the

“Just joined at the end of Dec 06. Just been diagnosed with Leukemia and tumours on kidney, both lungs and thyroid. As a large set gent of 157kg I need to shed truckloads before I start chemo as my specialist tells me that the amount of chemo given is based on weight and will therefor be given three times the amount required! Over the years having tried many diets I have found that walking is the only method that works however the motivation is the problem. This program is like no other with set goals to be achieved. Seadog”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 1 Jan 2007

Hi All-I've just clocked

“Hi All I've just clocked up three million steps. I have struggled this year to keep walking, and had some computer problems so didn't record steps for three months, I found myself walking less during this time. Now I'm starting to get back on track, and averaging 8700 steps per day. Hope the new I-challenges will help me increase this. New years resolution will be to keep walking and end 2007 with a higher daily average than 2006. Happy walking everyone. ”
Wendy, New South Wales, 27 Dec 2006

Hi Everyone--My name is

“Hi Everyone My name is Fiona and I am the one who wrote on the 29th Nov. A Big Hello to Kelly who wrote on the 2nd Dec. it sounds as though we have alot in common with the weight and Children etc. I have had an interesting week, my pedometer that I got from the Woman's Day promotion kept dropping off when I would bend down for my Children etc. Then I lost it altogether when I went out Shopping. I was fortunate that I knew approx. how many steps that I had already done. I then realised how committed that I have come to 10,000 steps, so I managed to buy another pedometer which worked out for the best. The new pedometer has a cover so I don't have to worry about deleting my steps (which has happened in the past). I love the fact that I know the distance I have walked, the calories I have used etc. I have made myself a promise that with Christmas coming I will still aim for 10,000 on the day! I don't even want to take a break, especially since I love my Christmas dinner so much! This month is my first full month on 10,000 steps. I have completed my I-challenge by day 12, which is encouraging. In January I will up my challenge, I better make sure I get off my butt instead of getting into Holiday mode. I want to wish everyone a Wonderful Christmas filled with LOVE, JOY & PEACE! and I hope that nobody overdoses on the Christmas Pudding! Bless you All! Fiona”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 20 Dec 2006

I wish I could

“I wish I could remember how I found out about 10,000 steps! I feel as if everyone should know about it and this web site so I make it my business to tell everyone how helpful it has been motivating me to keep with the walking program. Like others have said, I now love it when I can't find a parking space near the store! It gives me another excuse to "get a few more steps" on my little gadget. I started with 10,000 steps, but after about two weeks decided to make the goal 13,000 steps and that's when I joined the I-Challenge. My life is full and busy, but I look forward to logging in my steps each day and checking my progress on the little graph. I am a director of a nursery school program and I always show the children how many steps....they try out the ped. and then we record their steps...we compare running steps, and walking steps. Everyone is enjoying the adventure! (and getting healthy at the same time). In three weeks I have lost five lbs....the healthy way...eating good food and walking 10,000 steps. Julia”
Anonymous, Australian Capital Territory, 19 Dec 2006

Hi everyone, Just wanted

“Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my story. I joined the programme on the 27th Sept. I had had back surgery late August, and walking was part of my healing process. I started doing the 10,000 steps and it was not easy. Then I decided that I needed to have more motivation and did the I challenge. That was the best decision I made. It gave me a goal and now I am happy to say that I do my 1000,00 steps in the morning before breakfast, which works out to be around 5 Kms, so all the steps I do for the rest of the day are a bonus. I feel so good when I achieve that goal. I have also made my I challengers a little harder. I say give it a go. You will feel great. Lib”
Anonymous, Victoria, 8 Dec 2006

Greetings from Boulder City,

“Greetings from Boulder City, Nevada, USA. I'm 64 years old and have been walking an average of just over 15,000 steps a day for about a year. I am always looking for things to keep me motivated in my walking and recently became aware of a website that tracked the migration of the Willie Mormon Pioneer Handcart Company from Iowa City, Iowa to what is now Salt Lake City, Utah. My Great Grandmother, Sarah Moulton, was a member of that Company and made the 1,297 mile trek in 115 days, averaging 11.28 miles per day or 22,557 steps a day, 2,594,000 steps total. I have been attempting to duplicate that effort and will finish on February 16 if successful. Fortunately I don't have to push or pull a handcart and can walk on paved trails. I read and listen to my favorite music while walking. This can be hazardous to your health, however, but so far so good. Thanks for your inspiring stories. I haven't lost any weight, but I can eat anything I want and don't gain weight because of all the walking. Best regards to all, Dave Martin”
Dave, Outside Australia, 6 Dec 2006

After reading others' contributions,

“After reading others' contributions, I thought I'd share my story to hopefully encourage those who have just started and have a fair bit of weight to lose or wonder if they'll ever get fit. I started trying to do something for myself a year ago, when I finally topped the 100kg mark. At 103kg and 176cm (female), my BMI was 33 and I'd been heavy for many years, gradually putting on more and more weight and getting less and less fit. I started with some dieting and haphazard exercising on my own with some success, but this February I joined 10,000 steps and in March joined a national weight loss programme. I chose a plan that used sensible eating and normal food, as I could imagine adopting this as a lifetime eating pattern, and for the first time in my yoyo dieting career I had accepted that an active lifestyle and healthy eating were a permanent change and not a temporary thing required to attain my desired weight. To stay healthy, this is how I eat forever. In the past year, I have lost 29kg and am hoping to lose a few more (aim BMI 22). My BMI has dropped from 33 to 24, and I am now in the healthy weight range. My waist and hips have both lost about 25cm but most amazing, my resting heart rate has dropped from somewhere well over 70 to just 60. I love being active now, moving is easier and I can actually run! I used to struggle to get my 10,000 steps, now I regularly do many more. I enjoy Metrogaining, rollerblading, walking and netball regularly, but even when I don't set out to exercise, I am moving more because it's easier. I don't do 10,000 every day (I like my rest days too) but my average is well over 10,000. Let me encourage you all not just to do the 10,000 steps programme at whatever level you can manage, I encourage you all to set yourself challenges that really extend yourself (especially mentally) beyond what you think you can do. Do the toughest i-challenge you dare and GO FOR IT. The i-challenges have really helped me push myself and improve my fitness. If you're just starting out, use the health assessment. It is soooo motivating looking back at where you've come from and I regularly look back at my health history to remind myself what I have achieved, especially when I'm finding the going tough. And take a fat photo- you might not want to show anyone yet, but when you look different and people are noticing how much healthier you look, you might want to refer back to what your "old self" used to look like. Find the right support, and hang around people who encourage you. Avoid those who try to sabotage your attempts to get healthy. Keep on track, and if you fall off, hop back on as soon as you can. It's never too late. Remember, this is your life and if weight has always been an issue, you will probably always have to look after yourself with healthy eating and exercise. If I can do it, anyone can. I wish you all well in your endeavours. Caroline”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 5 Dec 2006

Hi Steppers--Well I did

“Hi Steppers Well I did it... I set myself a Spring Challenge to walk 1000000 steps and I made it with a few days to spare! Halfway through I discovered this website and I found it very fitting that on the day I reached my 1000000 steps my prize for winning the October I-Challenge arrived - a pair of Aasics shoes. So keep at it everyone... join in the I-Challenges as they keep you motivated. I also lost about 7kg over Spring, which was not even planned! Regards Melanie”
Melanie, Victoria, 4 Dec 2006

Hi everyone,-This is the

“Hi everyone, This is the first day of 'evolution'. I am 35 years old, have two lovely children and weigh the heaviest I ever have. I am 169cms and have hit 'the ton', that is 104kgs. My progress has been slow and I have deliberated and promised over and over on doing something about my weight. I guess I'm afraid of failing. This week when my size 18 jeans started to feel tight I resolved that it was time I faced the facts: I am categorised obese and I am actually having difficulty moving freely and get short of breath sometimes. I don't want to feel this way anymore. So, I've put in place a couple of tools (pedometer, scales, and healthy eating plan)that are going to support me in my journey back. I also hope that by joining this site and being with like minded folks the possibility of not succeeding will be minimalised. This journey will be very real for me and I'm sure as I face my challenges I won't feel so alone. Thanks for listening. Kelly”
Anonymous, Queensland, 2 Dec 2006

Hi everyone-I was someone

“Hi everyone I was someone who was always fit and looked good until I had 4 Children, three are under the age of 5. With every child I have gained 10kg. I use to weigh about 60kg and now I weigh 103kg. I am 174cm (5ft'8 I was really feeling low about my weight knowing I couldn't commit to going to gym because of the Children). Yes I am classified as Obese I always hated that word and couldn't bring myself to calling me that! Then I spotted the free pedometer with the Coles/Woman's Day promotional magazine, and I just love getting something for free. The very next day I thought that I would see how many steps that I do on a normal day. Then we took the Children on a ferry to Darling Harbour and that wasn't so normal, in fact I did about 16,000 steps that day so I had to monitor myself the next day and I achieved over 10,000. It was then that I decided to join in the challenge as I knew it was possible for me to achieve the goal of 10,000 a day. Yesterday I managed to do just under 20,000 steps and my average is 12,500 Thankyou to those who created the 10,000 step challenge it is a great motivational tool for those like myself who had lost all motivation. ”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 29 Nov 2006

Hi everyone. Wow -

“Hi everyone. Wow - what a simple tool for motivation and yet how powerful! I too got my pedometer from the magazine and I can honestly say it has changed my life! Although I was walking and trying to lose weight before - I certainly wasn't measuring my steps. But the pedometer has become my best friend! It motivates to make sure I get at the very minimum 10,000 steps in a day - and finally I'm actually DOING all the tips the Health magazines have been recommending forever (walking to the corner store, parking further away from the shops etc etc). All the gym equipment I have bought over the years and used once or twice (Thai Bo videos, ab crunchers, fit balls, weights etc etc etc) - and all I needed was a tiny pedometer! Boy have I been stupid! But onwards and upwards now - and hopefully goodbye to my final five kilos! PJ”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 27 Nov 2006

Hi everyone,--Congratulations to everyone

“Hi everyone, Congratulations to everyone who is doing so well on this program! I am 26 years old, and although I am not overweight, I am at the top of my healthy weight range. I was recently diagnosed with a genetic abnormality, which resulted in a severe clotting disorder. Following two clots in my right leg, I have permanent vascular damage and put on a fair bit of weight (partly due to dietary restrictions, from being on Warfarin - I can't eat as many green vegetables and salads as I used to). I have been wanting to do something to take control back in my life, and I went and bought a pedometer. Then I found this site, and it has done so much to motivate me... I am just less than a week in, and already keen to push myself that little bit further each time. My point is this - if I can do this, anyone can. I have permanent pain and swelling in my right leg, but I am still beating my target of 7,000 steps most days, and am so very grateful for the ability to walk in and of itself - so many others can't. Can I encourage all of you out there - health is a precious and finite resource, and anything we can do to conserve and improve our health and fitness is more than worth it (obviously preaching to the converted on this site!). Had I been walking more earlier on, I may not have had both of the clots with the same severity, as my circulation would likely have been much better... Good luck and keep it up everyone! Jane”
Anonymous, Queensland, 27 Nov 2006

Hi all,--I joined the

“Hi all, I joined the site in October after hearing about it from my health coach, a service I found I could access through work. I was motivated to finally do something about my weight and health after my child wanted me to go on a sideshow ride, that was punishing and I realised that if I didn't do something I wouldn't be able to do the ride at all next year. Walking has been my main exercise, I reckon when I started I'd be lucky to do 3000 steps on most days, by the time I signed up here I was up to maybe 6000 per day. Now my average is over 16000 per day and I just completed the November I-Challenge with 3 days to spare. Between the exercise and a major change of diet I'm down around 17 kilos and about 16cm off my waist, figures I find hard to believe but the numbers are on the scales and tape. As I work in an office and spend half my time as a single parent it can be a challenge to get the steps in some days but it's worth the effort. Good luck to all, enjoy the festive season but keep up your stepping while you do.”
Anonymous, South Australia, 27 Nov 2006

Hi to everyone out

“Hi to everyone out there, I have just starting doing the 10000 Steps challenge on the 14/11/2006 when my mother first saw the advertisement on TV. So I raced down to Coles and got the mag (actually 2 so Mum and I would work together) with the Pedometer on it. I know that I walk allot, but in the past week and a half I have walked about 180000 (and my average is about 16000) and to top it off I have also lost about 3-4kgs. It is absolutely fantastic because it makes me want to do the challenges and also lose that weight that I have been carrying for about 3+ years. But not only that I just feel so much more energetic and ready for everything, I also want to lose weight without have to stick to all of those extra rules (which means I didn¬ít find the motivation I needed) and now I have the Motivation and also the enthusiasm that I was looking for, for so long! Just thought I would add in that I am 21 years old and 178cm and about 94kgs, about 15-20 more to go. So remember everyone to have fun, while being fit, healthy and just enjoy! Toya ”
Anonymous, Victoria, 24 Nov 2006

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