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South Australia's Billion Steps Challenge

CONGRATULATIONS South Australia! Together we logged 1 billion steps in 65 days!

South Australia - let's keep opening our world to being active every day!

The Challenge was set on 1st October 2020 and South Australian's have embraced tracking their activity - working together to log one billion steps target in 65 days! 

We know that every step counts and the more we move, the more health benefits we reap! So, we encourage you to challenge yourself, your family, friends and workmates to log steps and stay motivated to achieve your daily steps goal.

From South Australia? Join us in reaching our 1,000,000,000 steps goal!

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Our members from South Australia have logged a grand total of 1,001,745,874 steps towards the 1,000,000,000 challenge goal!

Can I use 10,000 Steps beyond the Billion?


Even thought the Billion Steps Challenge is finished, you can still use the 10,000 Steps program to stay on track and motivated to reach your daily goals - it's easy, free and has some great features:

Every step counts, every move counts.

Tracking your steps is a great motivation to keep moving through the day. Set yourself a daily goal and use a pedometer, Fitbit, Garmin or other activity tracker to stay on track. Whether it's a planned walk that you do regularly or incidental movement across the day, the more you move - the better your body and mind will feel!

Explore the free resources on Open Your World

We encourage you to stay motivated and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by checking out some tips on the South Australian Open Your World website.

Challenge Start

Oct. 1, 2020

Challenge Steps


Challenge Goal


Keep stepping and inspiring others by sharing your progress.

Continue to share your photos and let us know about your progress by using the Challenge hashtags: 

#SABillionSteps #10000Steps #OpenYourWorld

Let us share in your fun by tagging us in your social media posts:  

Wellbeing SA on Facebook @wellbeingsa.southaustralia | LinkedIn wellbeing-sa

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A message from the Premier

Steven Marshall - SA Premier

There are so many amazing places to walk here in SA, from our newly opened Myponga Reservoir, to our famous Mt Lofty and picturesque Morialta Falls - now is the time to get out and about with family and friends to reap the health and wellbeing benefits of South Australia’s first Billion Steps Challenge.

Good luck to everyone participating!


Our Billion Steps Ambassadors

We are lucky to have the support of our Billion Steps Challenge Ambassadors who have helped us reach our goal of one billion steps. These amazing South Australian's have continued to inspire and share their progress throughout the Challenge and we are so grateful to have had them on board!

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