10 Ways to Boost Your Activity!

We know that the more active we are, the more we can benefit, but how can we actually incorporate more movement into our everyday life? The good news is, there are always opportunities to add more activity into your usual day. Here are a few ideas to boost your activity and help you feel happy, healthy and motivated.

1. Find a few minutes

Do you set aside time to be active during the day? Every minute we increase our heart rate counts so finding small blocks of 10, 15 or 20 minutes between tasks is enough time for us to move our bodies, while still achieving all that we need to during the day. Be an opportunist and make it happen! Set a timer on your phone, create your own short circuit, go for a walk, find a YouTube video that suits your style or take a look at the Home Workouts from Exercise Right

2. Step outside

Put a foot out your door into your backyard or neighbourhood. Does your lawn need to be mowed after the rain? Are there leaves that have fallen down, or weeds that need to be pulled out? Taking care of our outdoor space can encourage us to move our bodies while also creating a tidier and more beautiful place for us and our families to enjoy. 

3. Take a dip

Let go of the worries from your day by stopping by at your local pool or beach on your way home from work or on the weekend. Challenge yourself to swim a few laps in different strokes, join a water aerobics class or just dive into the waves. Changing up your activity to include a water workout can help to strengthen your body without putting pressure on your joints.

4. Stand up

Lead by example and BeUpstanding by changing your position frequently throughout your day. Use your mobile to take work calls and join your meetings in the outdoors while you walk. Walk to your local coffee shop with a work mate rather than having traditional seated meetings, and use bathrooms and printers further from your workstation. Making movement the new normal where we live, work and play will inspire others around you to do the same.

5. Connect with Country

Learning more about our land's history can help us to experience our local areas in a whole new way. We can start by learning the traditional names of the Country we live and are active on. Walk with your family and learn about the cultural stories of your region or reach out to any local educational programs that may be in your area. Want some extra motivation to get active without needing to attend a gym? Check out the DC Fit Hub for access to new workouts, expert trainers, tips and tricks.

6. Explore the outdoors

Put on  your walking boots and start stepping along an outdoor trail within your surrounding Parks and Forests - Queensland and South Australia have some breathtaking walks.  Choose a path that suits your preferences and set off to explore the natural beauty in your area. Breathe in the fresh air, take notice of the landscapes, animals and plants around you. Want to go further? Find some other outdoor recreation ideas from Outdoors Queensland and Walking SA

7. Get in the game

Here is your reminder to do something different and fun! Run outside and play with your children, grandchildren or mates - go for a bike ride or organise a game of tennis or footy. Try something new and different, go rock climbing, dancing, boxing, stand up paddleboarding, trampolining (for adults, yes that is a thing), play mini golf or laser tag. Moving your body can be fun and a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Check out your local Community Directory to find events in your area and find more fun ways to be active here.

8. Park further away every day

Can't get a park close to the shops or your workplace? Leave your car at home, or park and walk the rest of the way. Save on parking fees, boost your step count and get to know your local area at the same time. If you are out and about, help improve walkability of your area by completing Queensland Walk's Walk My Street Checklist.

9. Take your dog on an adventure

Moving more is good for us and our dogs! Our furry best friends are great motivators for us to create the habit of getting outdoors to move every day, plus they can also encourage us to connect with other dog owners in our local community. Take a look at your local council website to find out more about designated off-leash parks and beaches. 

10. Join the 10,000 Steps community

Need extra motivation and encouragement to move more? Keep yourself accountable by tracking your steps and activity everyday on the 10,000 Steps website or mobile app for iOS and Android to see your progress over time. Connect with Friends, join one of our Monthly Challenges to walk a virtual journey around the globe or start Team Tournament within your community or workplace.

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