Connecting with friends on the 10,000 Steps website allows you to see their weekly average and total steps to help you stay motivated.

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Step 1 Image

2. Navigate to your Friends Dashboard card.

Select "Add Friends".

Step 2 Image

3. Invite a friend.

Step 3 Image

4. Enter their email address, write a message and select "Invite".

You will need to know your friends email address and they must be registered with the 10,000 Steps website. An email will be sent to your friend to notify them of the request, if they approve your request they will be displayed on your Leaderboard.

Step 4 Image

5. View the invitation. 

You will now be able to see the sent invitation.

Step 5 Image

6. Select "Invites Received" to accept a friend invitation. 

Select the tick to accept or the cross to decline the invitation.

Step 6 Image

7. Confirm or cancel the invitation.

Step 7 Image

8. You will now be able to see each others details on your Leaderboard and Dashboard card.

Step 8 Image