The 10,000 Steps project gathers information on date of birth, gender and location as a requirement for our funding body and for research purposes where this information is always de-identified. Further information on the information collected by members is available in our Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy.

In a Tournament

Members within the same Tournament team can only see an accumulated total of the steps logged by their team mates as shown in the image below (names have been blurred for privacy of staff). Participants in other teams within your same Tournament cannot see the individuals within the opposing teams, they can only see the step total.

In a tournament

On the Leaderboards

If you have chosen to have your details displayed publicly, your name, age range, location and step stats (7 day average, annual steps and lifetime steps) will be displayed on the Public Leaderboard in the Step Statistics showing 7 day average, annual steps and lifetime steps.

If you are participating in a Challenge, your name, age range, location and month steps will be shown in your Challenge journey (see below), which will only be seen by other members completing the same option as you.

On the leaderboards


Connecting with Friends will enable you to see the step statistics of friends who you have invited (using their email address) or have invited you (using your email address) and you have accepted. Friends can see your name, age range, location and step stats. You can remove your friends at anytime.