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Q: Why is it important to track my steps?

A: Research has shown that people who track their steps have higher physical activity levels. Tracking steps helps you to become aware of how much you are moving across a whole day and recording your steps can be a powerful motivator. Steps is also a simple, easily understood metric that can help you set your own personal goals (remember it's ok if you are not hitting 10,000 steps a day). By viewing your progress on your 10,000 Steps Dashboard, you can visually see your achievements, empowering you to stay accountable to your physical activity goals and encouraging you to take an extra step whenever possible. To learn more review our article Counting your steps. You can also add friends and keep each other accountable! Happy Stepping!

Q: Why 10,000 Steps?

A: The 10,000 steps concept was initially a marketing strategy in 1964 to sell step counters during the Tokyo Olympics. Over the years, the concept of tracking steps started being researched as a behaviour change tool. Our program was born in 2001, when a partnership of Australian health promotion researchers utilised the idea as a population level approach to encourage people to be more active. Holistically, physical activity involves more than just walking, however having a step goal and increasing your daily movement goes a long way towards a healthier lifestyle. The goal of 10,000 steps is the recommended daily step target for healthy adults to achieve health benefits, however, it's important to note that this goal may not be universally appropriate across all ages and physical capabilities. To learn more, review our article Health Check: do we really need to take 10,000 steps a day?

Q: How do I log my steps?

A: Whether it is a pedometer, mobile app, or wrist-worn activity tracker, if it tracks your steps then you can use it!

To add your steps to your 10,000 Steps account you can enter your steps manually or take a minute to set up a tracker connection that will seamlessly sync your steps. We can currently sync with Apple Health and Health Connect via the 10,000 Steps mobile app, or Fitbit, Garmin, and Google Fit via our website's Tracker Connections. Learn more about logging your steps.

Q: Can I record activities other than walking?

A: Absolutely, 10,000 Steps is actually a physical activity program, so we have made sure that your every move counts - even if it's not accurately recorded as steps on an activity tracker! You can add your moderate intensity and vigorous intensity activities and we will use a little science to help convert it to steps! When adding steps on your Dashboard there are two additional columns where you can enter the time spent doing these extra activities. Our conversion uses 10 minutes of moderate intensity activity equals 1,000 Steps, and 10 minutes of high intensity activity equals 2,000 Steps. To learn more about what is classified as moderate or vigerous activity, visit Recording other activities in the step log and Logging steps and activity.

Q: What do I do if I don't have an activity tracker?

A: You can still use the 10,000 Steps Program without an activity tracker! Most modern smartphones come with built-in step tracking capabilities through various health and fitness apps such as Apple Health, Samsung Health, and Google Fit. Alternatively, you can buy a pedometer to wear. You can then manually add your steps in your Dashboard. If these options aren't available to you, you can also estimate your steps by using an online step conversion based on the activities you engage in.

Remember, the primary goal is to increase your daily activity and be more mindful of your movement. Every step counts!

Q: Can I connect my activity tracker?
Yes, you can connect most activity trackers to sync your steps from that account to your 10,000 Steps account. Some connections are setup on our website and some on our mobile app - check out which option is best for you Learn more about syncing your activity trackers.

Q: How do Monthly Challenges work?

A: At 10,000 Steps, we invite all our members to join our exciting and free Monthly Challenges! These challenges are open to everyone and are conducted online, making it convenient for you to participate from anywhere. The best part is you can tailor your journey length to match your activity levels and preferences.

Here's how it works: Every month we have a new location theme where you can choose one of four journey lengths that suit your activity levels the best. You'll then embark on a virtual adventure, tracking your steps along the way. Your progress will be tracked along your chosen journey, and the aim is to strive to achieve 100% of your journey step goal. Each month we offer a new journey that takes you to fascinating destinations worldwide. Check out this month's challenge!

Q: What are Tournaments?

A: A 10,000 Steps Tournament is a free and interactive tool for workplaces, communities, and various groups to promote and enhance health and wellbeing. If you are interested in coordinating a Tournament, you need to register your organisation and become a Coordinator.

A Tournament involves forming teams, embracing a (healthy) competitive spirit, wearing pedometers or activity trackers, tracking steps on the 10,000 Steps website or app, and integrating activity and movement into everyday life. There are two types of Tournaments - Race and Time Out.

Race Tournaments allow you to choose from a selection of virtual walking journeys where each team member's steps contribute to completing the walking journey. For example, The Original Tournament journey is 1,800,000 steps and the winning team is the first team to reach the destination. Coordinators can choose the start date of a Race Tournament but there is no end date as the goal is to complete the journey distance.

Time Out Tournaments are time-restricted and allow teams to accumulate steps for a set duration, i.e., teams compete to achieve the most steps by the end of a 4-week period. Coordinators can choose the start and end dates for the Tournament.

Q: Can I use 10,000 Steps in my workplace or community?

A: Absolutely! The 10,000 Steps program is an evidence-based, multi-strategy program. We have had over 19,000 organisations register to use 10,000 Steps resources and strategies.

We are dedicated to equipping workplaces and communitites with the necessary resources, tools, strategies, and engagement activities to cultivate social and physical environments that promote active living and foster healthy people and healthy places. Learn more about 10,000 Steps for Workplaces and Communities.

Q: What is a 10,000 Steps Coordinator?

A: Organisations can register with 10,000 Steps to gain access to exclusive resources to promote a supportive culture for physical activity in the workplace or community. Each organisation nominates a Coordinator who is responsible for implementing 10,000 Steps strategies. Organisations can have one main Coordinator or multiple Coordinators who work together (e.g., A local council may have a representative from Parks, Sport and Recreation, Marketing, or Human Resources).

Coordinators have exclusive access to a wide range of tools and resources designed to support organisations in implementing 10,000 Steps strategies and coordinating team Tournaments and Health Challenges. This includes evidence-based guides, templates, graphics, step-by-step action lists, and more!

To learn more, read our articles 10,000 Steps for Workplaces and 10,000 Steps for Communities.


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