What are Groups?

Groups allow 10,000 Steps members to create a Group of up to 20 members of friends, colleagues, or family to view each other's daily, weekly and monthly steps progress, and work together to achieve a monthly Group goal.
For guides on creating and participating in Tournaments, please see Team Captain Support, Team Member Support, or Coordinator Support.

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Creating a Group on the Website

1. Ensure you are logged in, click on your profile and select Groups from the drop down menu.

1. Access to Groups

2. On your Groups leaderboard choose to 'create group'

2. Create Group

3. Enter the name of your new Group

3. Create a New Group

4. Select 'View Group'

4. View Group

5. Choose to 'Edit Group'

You will automatically be added to your group. Editing will allow you to invite group members, add virtual group members, change group owner, change group name, get an invite code to easily share with other members you want in your group, set and edit a monthly group goal.

5. Edit Group

6. Click 'Group Actions' to 'Set Group Goal'

6. Group Actions

7. Enter the name of your Group Challenge and enter a monthly goal for your group.

7. Setting group goal

8. Click on the 'Group Actions' and choose to invite a Group Member.

Alternatively you can Get a Group Invite code to send to friends or family who would like to join your Group.

8. Invite Group Member

9. Enter the email address of your Group member

You will need to enter the email address of the member who you would like to invite. They must already be registered with 10,000 Steps.

9. Invite Friend to Group

10. An invite will be sent to the invited member which they can accept or decline.

Your invited member will receive an email from 10,000 Steps notifying them of the pending invitation with a link to Group where they can accept or decline your invitation.

10. Pending Group Invite

If the pending invitation has been accepted, members steps will be shared in the Groups Leaderboard. Members can remove the connection at any time by selecting Remove in Group Invites.

11. If your the pending invitation is accepted, the member will be added to your Group.

11. Accepted Group Invite

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