The Groups feature allows members to create a small Group of up to 20 members of friends and family to view each other's daily, weekly and monthly steps progress, and work together to achieve a monthly Group goal. Groups can be created and managed on the 10,000 Steps website with progress being able to be viewed by all member on the web, apple or android apps.
This Support topic is for members using the apple or android app to view progress of an active Group.

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Viewing Your Groups on the App

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

1. Dashboard

2. Select 'Community' from the bottom navigation.

This section included the public annual Leaderboard, Friends and Groups.

2. Friends Leaderboard

3. Select 'Groups' from the top navigation.

Here you can see all of your Groups with a snapshot of progress in each.

3. Groups

4. Select your Group

Your graph will show your groups combined total steps for the month - step progress is a cumulative total (including towards a goal if your group has one set), then you can see daily steps for the month, weekly steps for the year and monthly steps for the year.

3. Groups Graph

5. View individual Group member progress

Scroll down to see your Group Members leaderboard. This table shows each individual members step totals. Choose 'Sort by' in the top right corner to sort members by name, daily steps, weekly steps and monthly steps.

4. Groups Sorting

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