Notice: We are aware of an ongoing syncing issue for some members using Garmin. Please see Website Troubleshooting for updates and current workarounds.

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Syncing your Garmin account will push your step data to 10,000 Steps from the date of connection. Garmin controls sync timing and the data sent to the 10,000 Steps website, and there may be a delay in your steps appearing on your Dashboard. As a 3rd party application, we have a limited ability to troubleshoot Garmin issues.

Only one activity tracker can be connected to your 10,000 Steps account at a time. If you have previously connected a Fitbit and would like to connect with Garmin, your Fitbit will need to be disconnected first. Instructions on disconnecting Fitbit are available here.

Connecting with Garmin

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.


2. Navigate to the Tracker Connections section.

Tracker connection link screenshot

3. Select Connect Garmin.

Connecting with Garmin 2

4. Enter your Garmin account login details.

Connecting with Garmin 3

5. Choose if you consent to Garmin sharing information with 10,000 Steps.

Connecting with Garmin 4

6. Your Garmin will now be connected.

Connecting with Garmin 5

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