Here are some tips and tricks which may help to keep you motivated and active throughout the year.  

Tips and Tricks 1
  • Have you set a physical activity or weight loss goal? If so, practice visualization to help yourself reach your goals. The mind is powerful when used in the right way.
  • Many things in life are out of your control but physical activity is not one of them. Physical activity is something you control and do solely for yourself. Select activities you enjoy most and find exciting, it might be bike riding, bushwalking, walking, running or doing classes at your gym. Do your favorite activities with friends, family or your dog. Whatever activities you choose, be consistent so you develop a deeply ingrained habit that you keep up, even if the weather is bad or if you are just feeling tired.
  • Each day focus on how good you feel about yourself and the steps you're taking to be more active. Remember progress can be measured in many ways such as mood, sleep, self-esteem, energy or how your clothes fit. The longer you stick with a physical activity program, the more benefits you will feel.
  • If you are new to physical activity, it's best to start slowly, increasing the intensity and length of your workout as you go. You will see noticeable improvement within a few weeks. As your stamina improves, the activity will become easier. Enjoy physical activity at a comfortable pace so it doesn't leave you absolutely exhausted.
  • One way to monitor your pace and determine intensity level is the talk test - if talking is too easy, speed up!
  • Why is it so hard to stick with a physical activity program in the beginning? It’s because you are changing something. You are breaking old deeply ingrained habits and replacing them with new ones. If you have been in the same bad routine for a long time, it won’t go away easily. Habits cling to you as much as they can. The good thing is that over time this can work for you! Your body will become used to being active on most days of the week, and it will become a habit in its own right.
  • We all have days where we don't feel like doing physical activity. But before you decide to skip, think of how you will feel if you do the activity. Then, think of how you will feel if you don't do your activity.

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