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Apple iOS Mobile App Known Issues

Apple iOS 6.1+ Mobile App

Sign Up Form "Submit" Button Not Working

Some users have reported that the iOS app Sign Up form "Submit" button appears greyed out or is non-functional. We are currently investigating this issue.

Creating and verifying your account through our website signup here will give you access to both the website and mobile app.

Login Working on the Website, But Not the App

iOS devices will often store usernames and passwords ("saved passwords"), even if they are incorrect. Double check that you are not using a stored email, username, or password that is incorrect. Typing the correct information into the username and password sections will typically allow you to change the saved passwords.

You can request a new password reset at any time here.

Asked to Login Within Logged In App

Some parts of your app display features that are connected to secure sections of the 10,000 Steps website. Asking for login is a security measure to ensure your data is protected while accessing parts of the website within the app.

Android OS Mobile App Known Issues

Android OS 6.1+ Mobile App

Only Displaying Black Screen

Android users may find a "black screen" issue can be resolved by navigating to Settings > Apps > 10,000 Steps > Clear Data.

Android 14 & Health Connect

A compatible release for Health Connect was released in July 2024.

Where Health Connect syncing fails, direct entry of steps is the next most accurate option. Direct entry is available via our website or mobile app.

General Troubleshooting Tips

Slow loading pages can be caused by old cache files on your phone. Restarting your phone can help clear old cache files on your mobile app.

If restarting or clearing data alone does not resolve your issue, please try deleting the app, restarting your phone, and redownloading the app.

Garmin, Google Fit, or Fitbit Troubleshooting

If you are connecting via Tracker Connections > Other trackers on the mobile app, or via Tracker Connections on the website, please see Support > 10,000 Steps Website Troubleshooting for current known issues and workarounds for Garmin, Fitbit, and Google Fit.

10,000 Steps Legacy App

Looking for 10,000 Steps 4.8.5 mobile app guides and troubleshooting? Please see Support > Mobile App > Legacy Mobile App.

How Can I Report My App Issue?

Please reach out to us if you are experiencing an issue on the mobile app that is not reported here.

Help us understand the issue you're experiencing.

The more information you can provide, the easier it is to resolve issues on our mobile app. Where you can, please provide these details:

  • Which type of device you are using?
  • What version of software is installed on your device?
  • Which version of the 10,000 Steps app are you using?
  • What issue are you experiencing?
  • Is the issue intermittent (only happens sometimes), or continuous (happens every time)?
  • What happens before the issue (for example, what is the last page that worked)?
  • What happens after the issue (for example, can you still navigate, or does the app crash?)

If you have screenshots or screen recordings (iOS or Android) of the issue you are experiencing, attaching these can also help us resolve your issue faster.

App Support

See troubleshooting and guides on mobile app features.
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