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Connecting Trackers via Apple Health

This guide is for members syncing steps from a 3rd party device compatible with Apple Health.

If you are looking to sync steps from your iPhone's internal step tracker, please see Connecting iPhone via Apple Health.

Tracking apps reported as compatible with Apple Health include:

  • Apple Watch
  • Garmin Connect
  • Strava, Polar Flow, COROS, Oura (if step data is tracked)

Some large proprietary tracking apps are currently compatible in only one direction and do not share step data with Apple Health (e.g. Samsung Health, Fitbit, Google Fit). See connecting trackers through Health Connect, or other ways to connect your Fitbit or Google Fit.

Where 3rd party connection fails or devices record activity other than steps, Manual Entry is the most accurate option. Manual Entry is available via our website or mobile app.

Key Steps

1. Update Phone Settings
2. Update Apple Health Settings
3. Update Device App Settings (example is Garmin Connect)
4. Connect Apple Health to 10,000 Steps


1. Update Phone Settings

Disable double-up steps tracked by your iPhone.

  • Go to Apple Phone Settings
  • Scroll down to Privacy & Security
  • Scroll down to Motion & Fitness
  • Turn off Fitness Tracking

2. Update Apple Health Settings

Confirm sharing permissions. Make your 3rd party app the primary source of steps in Apple Health.

  • Go to Apple Health App
  • Click on Sharing (centred in bottom navigation)
  • Scroll down and click on Apps
  • Click on 10,000 Steps and confirm steps are sharing
  • Click on your 3rd party app and confirm steps are sharing
  • Click on Summary, on the left of the bottom navigation
  • Scroll to Steps and turn on
  • Click on the Steps section
  • Scroll to the bottom of the section and click on Data Sources and Access
  • Click 'Edit' in top right hand corner, then click on the ☰ button to the right of your 3rd party app and drag your app to the top of the list

3. Update Device App Settings

In this example, we confirm Apple Health has connected permissions for Garmin Connect. Your app might look different, but should have something similar.

  • Go to Garmin Connect app
  • Select 'more' on the right of the bottom navigation
  • Select Settings
  • Select Connected Apps
  • Select Apple Health and ensure that its connected

4. Connect Apple Health to 10,000 Steps

Work through previous steps before connecting here.

  • Go to the 10,000 Steps app
  • Login or Sign Up to 10,000 Steps
  • Click the ☰ button at the top right
  • Click Tracker Connections
  • Click Connect Apple Health
  • Allow permissions if a popup appears
  • Click on Dashboard (bottom left of the screen)
  • Drag your finger down on Dashboard to perform your first sync!

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