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Mobile App Features Dashboard

1. Dashboard

  • Add steps and activity
  • View step progress against your goal for each day
  • Navigate back to previous days to view progress and sync steps
  • View step graph for the previous 7 days
  • See a snapshot of your progress in monthly Challenges when joined
  • See a snapshot of Tournament progress
  • View featured articles and click through to the website for more

2. Reminders

  • Create customised reminders to help keep you on track
  • Set the date and how often you would like your reminder the be displayed
  • Write your own customised message and set!

3. Menu

4. Step Log

5. Community

Visit the Friends and Groups sections on the 10,000 Steps website to manage connections.

6. Challenges

  • View Upcoming, Current and Past Challenges
  • Join a Current Challenge
  • View progress in a joined Challenge

7. Tournaments

  • View Upcoming, Current and Past Tournaments
  • View Tournament details
  • See your team progress
  • See the progress of other teams

App Support

See troubleshooting and guides on mobile app features.
See App Support