The logging of steps and activity during a Tournament can become a hot topic as some participants and teams can become quite competitive. Some organisations choose to ask their participants not to enter any moderate or vigorous activity during the duration of the Tournament, as this time is converted to steps and added to the step total which can be difficult to monitor.  The ability to enter this data cannot be disabled, as it is a part of the website for all users and many participants continue to use their 10,000 Steps accounts even after Tournaments have ended.

The focus of the 10,000 Steps program is primarily on steps, therefore we would encourage recording only steps walked for the day in the steps column of the website. If participants are doing any other activities (PT, gym classes, sports, running, dancing etc.) we would encourage them to enter the time spent doing this activity into the moderate or vigorous columns (depending on the intensity of the activity) and not record any steps accumulated in that time period in the steps walked section. This of course does depend of the device used to track steps and activity which can make it harder to distinguish between what type of activity is recorded when.

The overall aim of the program is to encourage people to be active and it is great that your participants are so conscious of their activity levels. We hope that your organisation is able to award and encourage participation and encourage those who have low levels of physical activity as they often have the most to gain from the program.

For more detailed information on how we recommend logging steps and activity, please see the following Support Topic.