Keep up to date with your team progress in Tournaments on the 10,000 Steps mobile app.

Please note, the display of the Race and Time Out Tournaments varies slightly and the following example is a Race Tournament. Coordinators, to create or edit Tournaments please use the 10,000 Steps website.

1. Ensure you are logged in and on the Dashboard.

Logged In

2. Select Tournaments from the bottom navigation.

2. Current Tournaments

3. Select the relevant Current Tournament.

Upcoming and Past Tournaments can also be viewed by navigating using the top navigation.

3. Tournament Details

4. View your Tournament Information and team progress.

4. Tournament Details scroll

5. Scroll down and view your team members.

Click on 'View Full Team' at the bottom of the Members section.

5. Own Team Leaderboard

6. View your full team Leaderboard.

Scroll down and click on 'View full leaderboard' at the bottom of the Team Leaderboard section.

4. Tournament Details scroll
6. Other Teams Leaderboard

7. View your progress on the Dashboard.

See an overview of your teams progress in the Tournament by scrolling down to the 'Tournaments' section on the Dashboard.

7. Tournament Dashboard

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